Scientific life (information on congresses, symposiums, conferences, etc.)

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84'4 p.167
84'4 p.168
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Dubrovina I. V. , Prikhozhan A. M. : A conference on psychological service (in Russian) 84'6 p.165
: To the 30-th anniversary of our magazine (in Russian) 85'1 p.185
Maksakova V. I. : Meeting of the Council on psychological-pedagogical problems of the collective and personality. (in Russian) 85'1 p.187
Ivannikov V. A. : Important tasks of the country's universities (in Russian) 85'2 p.182
Chudnovsky V. E. : International seminar on the problem of abilities (in Russian) 85'2 p.183
Cozman L. Ya. , Shliagina Ye. I. : Psychological science - to life (in Russian) 85'2 p.186
Volkov L. I. : Zonal conference of psychologists (in Russian) 85'3 p.183
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Kotik M. A. : Psychological problems of safety in work (in Russian) 87'2 p.185
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: Toward the VII-th Congress of the USSR Society of psychologists (in Russian) 87'3 p.179
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: On results of the IX-th and concerning the X-th All-Union competition of young scientists and specialists in social sciences (in Russian) 87'4 p.186
: Results of the competition for the best articles published in "Voprosy Psikhologii" in 1986 (in Russian) 87'4 p.187
Kovalev G. A. , Orlov A. B. : Problems of increasing the efficiency of teaching and education (in Russian) 87'5 p.171
: Normative instructions for the producers and users of psychodiagnostical methods (in Russian) 87'5 p.176
Rubtsov V. V. , Smirnov S. G. : Children in the era of information (in Russian) 87'6 p.172
Shchedrina E. V. : Goals of psychology in the restructuring period (in Russian) 88'3 p.180
Khomskaya Ye. D. , Yenikolopova Ye. V. : Conference in memory of A. R. Luria (in Russian) 88'3 p.183
: Problems in the complex study of man (in Russian) 88'4 p.177
Rubtsov V. V. , Slobodchikov V. I. : Problems and perspectives in elementary education (in Russian) 88'4 p.179
Aidarova L. I. , Lvov M. P. : Creativity in learning and education - a strategy of designing an up-to-date system of education (in Russian) 88'4 p.181
Radzikhovskiy L. A. : A psychological study of informal youth associations (in Russian) 88'4 p.182
Gozman L. Ya. : Young scientists school "Psychological aspects of social problems" (in Russian) 88'4 p.184
Nazaretian A. P. , Tshchur V. G. : Human factor in scientific-research revolution (in Russian) 88'4 p.185
Mislavskiy Yu. A. , Tsaregorodtseva L. M. : Concerning coordination of research in developmental and educational psychology (in Russian) 88'5 p.180
Margoulis Ye. D. : Theory and practice of the use of computers in the process of education (in Russian) 88'6 p.173
Yourtaikin V. V. : Psycholinguistic foundations of the speech ontogenesis (in Russian) 88'6 p.175
: The VI All-union Congress of psychologists (in Russian) 88'6 p.182
: Index of articles published in "Voprosy psikhologii" in 1988 (in Russian) 88'6 p.184
: To the 100-th anniversary of S. L. Rubinstein (announcement) (in Russian) 89'1 p.91
Bodrova E. V. , Knyaseva O. L , Koudryavtsev V. T. : Vital problems of developing creative abilities in the process of education and upbringing (in Russian) 89'1 p.174
Shchedrina E. V. : The conference on the problems of social stereotypes (in Russian) 89'1 p.177
: European prospects for the studies and development of gifted and talented children (in Russian) 89'1 p.180
Bodalyov A. A. , Kouzmichyova I. A. : Issues of general, developmental, educational and social psychology on the XXIV International Congress of Psychology (in Russian) 89'2 p.167
Leontiev D. A. , Stetsenko A. P. , Eidman E. V. : Scientific heritage of L. S. Vygotsky and world psychology (in Russian) 89'2 p.171
Choudnovsky V. E. , Orlov A. B. : Soviet-Czechoslovakian symposium (in Russian) 89'2 p.175
Kouzmichyova I. A. : European conference on talented children (in Russian) 89'2 p.178
Zadorozchnyuk I. Ye. : Problems of pedagogical and educational psychology at XXIV International psychological congress (in Russian) 89'3 p.181
Shchedrina E. V. : Moscow psychologists' meeting with "Memorial" society (in Russian) 89'3 p.183
: Conferences' calendar (in Russian) 89'3 p.185
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 89'4 p.187
: Resolution of VII Congress of Psychological Society of USSR (in Russian) 89'5 p.176
Akimova M. K. , Borisova E. M. , Kozlova V. T. : Actual problems of psychological diagnostics (in Russian) 89'5 p.182
Aikin Yu. A. , Burlachuk L. F. : Psychodiagnostics - for the teacher (in Russian) 89'5 p.184
Kuzmina N. V. , Rean A. A. : The problems of increasing teacher's professionalism (in Russian) 89'5 p.185
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 89'5 p.186
Kolysnyk A. P. , Omelchenko S. N. , Polyakov V. G. : Seminar on personality self-development problems (in Russian) 90'1 p.179
Kochubey B. I. : Psychology and pedagogics in club work (in Russian) 90'1 p.180
Kedrova E. L. : Human factor at the works (in Russian) 90'1 p.181
Tsvetkova T. K. : Culture of pedagogical intercourse increase (in Russian) 90'2 p.176
Dubrovina I. V. , Kulagina I. U. : Chekoslovak-Soviet seminar (in Russian) 90'2 p.177
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 90'2 p.180
: Conferences' calendar (in Russian) 90'3 p.182
Gilbo E. V. : The foundation conference of Leningrad psychoanalitic society (in Russian) 90'4 p.177
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 90'4 p.182
: Humanistic psychology association in the USSR (in Russian) 90'5 p.180
Kolga V. A. : European conference on psychology of personality in Italy (in Russian) 90'5 p.181
Semenova N. D. : Morita-therapy international congress (in Russian) 90'5 p.182
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 90'5 p.184
Tsukerman G. A. : Common humanism (in Russian) 90'6 p.172
: Conferences' calendar (in Russian) 90'6 p.179
Dorfman L. Ya. , Leont'ev D. A. , Petrov V. M. : XI International congress on empirical aesthetics (in Russian) 91'1 p.171
Kantor E. D. : VII International congress on sports psychology (in Russian) 91'1 p.173
Chernyshev A. S. , Shvayko V. V. : Practical psychologists training in pedagogical college (in Russian) 91'1 p.176
Ladygin L. A. : Inter-college seminars on art theory (in Russian) 91'1 p.177
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 91'1 p.181
Maximov L. K. , Rubtsov V. V. , Yakimanskaya I. S. : Psychological foundations of new pedagogical technologies (in Russian) 91'2 p.174
Shchedrina E. V. : Present state and perspectives of psychological service in medical institutions (in Russian) 91'2 p.177
Bratchenko S. L. : Psychologists and dialogue (in Russian) 91'2 p.179
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 91'2 p.181
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 91'3 p.107
Burlachuk L. F. , Korzhova E. Yu. : International congresses on Rorschach test and projective techniques 91'4 p.169
Shchedrina E. V. : On society humanization problem (in Russian) 91'4 p.181
: Leningrad Association on humanistic psychology (in Russian) 91'4 p.184
: The founding of All-Union regional branch of International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development (in Russian) 91'4 p.185
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 91'4 p.186
Davletshin M. G. : The perfection of teaching personnel training (in Russian) 91'5 p.183
Dubrovina I. V. , Kulagina I. Yu. : The teacher-experimenter: school practice and scientific research (in Russian) 91'5 p.184
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 91'5 p.186
: Founding of Psychological Society of Traumatic Stress (in Russian) 91'5 p.187
Popova L. V. : IX World conference on gifted and talented children (in Russian) 91'6 p.173
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 91'6 p.176
Kochnev V. I. , Semenov V. E. : International symposium "Art and emotions" (in Russian) 92'1 p.175
Pristavkina M. V. : VIII European Congress on sports psychology (in Russian) 92'1 p.177
Bratchenko S. L. : A new meeting with humanistic psychology (in Russian) 92'1 p.178
Shchur V. C. : The first Soviet-American conference on humanistic psychology (in Russian) 92'1 p.179
: Murmansk regional division of Humanistic psychology association (in Russian) 92'1 p.180
Panarin I. N. : International congress on alternative medicine (in Russian) 92'1 p.181
Shimelevich L. G. : R. Dreycurce Institute session (in Russian) 92'1 p.182
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 92'1 p.184
Shchedrina E. V. : Russian-trench conference on psychoanalysis (in Russian) 92'3 p.58
: All-Russia federation of sports psychology (in Russian) 92'3 p.59
: In Russian Academy of Education (in Russian) 92'3 p.60
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 92'3 p.61
: The Committee of Russian and American psychologists' contacts (in Russian) 92'3 p.62
Burlachuk L. F. , Mantseva N. V. : International conference on posttraumatic stress psychology (in Russian) 92'5 p.54
Shchur V. G. : International conference on humanistic psychology (in Russian) 92'5 p.55
Vorsina L. B. : Quontitative methods in public opinion study (in Russian) 92'5 p.56
Paramei G. V. : V European conference on emotional expression of a face (in Russian) 93'1 p.124
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 93'1 p.125
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 93'2 p.121
: Events in science (in Russian) 93'3 p.115
Putlyaeva L. V. : International conference on "Living Ethics" (in Russian) 94'2 p.152
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 94'2 p.155
: International conference calendar (in Russian) 94'3 p.156
: Scientific events (in Russian) 94'4 p.150
: Scientific events (in Russian) 94'5 p.148
Vil'davskaya L. M. , Shapiro A. Z. : 6 World Conference on family psychotherapy (in Russian) 94'6 p.151
: Events in science (in Russian) 95'1 p.146
: Information about Russian psychological society foundation 95'2 p.113
Klimov E. A. : Russian Psychological society: existing situation and perspectives (in Russian) 95'2 p.118
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 95'2 p.154
: Calendar of conferences (in Russian) 95'3 p.37
Nissim-Sabat D. , Shchedrina E. V. : Psychologists of the CIS: the questionnaire of 95'3 p.151
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 95'4 p.132
: On the meaning of life (round-table talk) (in Russian) 95'4 p.147
: Calendar (in Russian) 95'5 p.136
Malykh S. B. : International congress on activity theory (in Russian) 95'6 p.138
Dubrovina I. V. , Semenov I. N. : The First International congress on humanization of education (in Russian) 95'6 p.142
Kolpachnikov V. V. , Kocharyan A. S. , Demidov S. R. : Humanistic psychology forum (in Russian) 95'6 p.144
Makhnach A. V. : Psychology and christianity: a way to integration (in Russian) 95'6 p.146
Arestova O. N. : IV European psychological congress (in Russian) 96'1 p.150
: Conference on the problems of learning psychology (to the 90-th anniversary of N. A. Menchinskaya) (in Russian) 96'2 p.148
Shchedrina E. V. : 40th anniversary of "Voprosy Psychologii" (in Russian) 96'3 p.144
: Psychological associations in Russia (in Russian) 96'3 p.148
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 96'3 p.152
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 96'4 p.142
: The First National conference of Russian Psychological Society (in Russian) 96'4 p.143
: Developmental psychology: Contemporary childhood and the goals of school (in Russian) 96'4 p.149
: Psychological aspects of life sense (in Russian) 96'4 p.151
: Psychological associations in Russia (in Russian) 96'4 p.156
: International conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of J. Piaget (in Russian) 96'6 p.132
Shchedrina E. V. : Psychological faculty of Moscow state university anniversary (in Russian) 97'1 p.145
: Psychology of military personnel education (in Russian) 97'1 p.146
: 2nd Meeting of the Psychological Society of Ukraine (in Russian) 97'1 p.149
: Creativeness and culture: Talent development in art and culture (in Russian) 97'2 p.140
: Conference on L. S. Vygotsky's anniversary (in Russian) 97'2 p.144
: The First All-Russian conference "Psychology and advertising" (in Russian) 97'2 p.147
: Conference on 75th anniversary of State academy of artistic sciences (in Russian) 97'2 p.152
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 97'2 p.153
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 97'3 p.139
: The first Russian conference on ecological psychology (in Russian) 97'3 p.146
: Conference on existentional-humanistic approach in psychotherapy (in Russian) 97'3 p.147
: Conference on feministic psychology (in Russian) 97'3 p.150
: IV Chelpanov's session (in Russian) 97'3 p.153
: International conference dedicated to D. A. Oshanin memory (in Russian) 97'4 p.152
: Ukrainian association of professional psychologists (in Russian) 97'4 p.155
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 97'5 p.134
: The Second all-Russian conference on methods in psychology (in Russian) 97'5 p.141
: The conference "Christianity and psychology: The ways of integration" (in Russian) 97'5 p.147
: The Fourth international conference "Systems in transition" (in Russian) 97'5 p.151
: G. G. Shpet's creative inheritance: Round-table talk (in Russian) 97'5 p.154
: I International conference dedicated to A. R. Luria's memory (in Russian) 97'6 p.135
Shchedrina E. V. : Conference of psychologists of Moscow educational institutions (in Russian) 97'6 p.139
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 97'6 p.140
Shchedrina E. V. : Science of behavior: Round-table talk (in Russian) 98'1 p.151
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 98'1 p.155
: The first exhibition of practical psychology achievements (in Russian) 98'2 p.154
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 98'2 p.155
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 98'3 p.151
: II El'koninian readings (in Russian) 98'3 p.153
: Psychological, philosophical and axiological problems of purpose of life (in Russian) 98'4 p.148
: Presentation of "Deep psychology encyclopedia" (in Russian) 98'4 p.151
: XV ISSBD conference (in Russian) 98'5 p.146
: Psychological education in Russia: New roadmarks and goals (in Russian) 98'5 p.148
Shchedrina E. V. : Discussion on theoretical psychology problems (in Russian) 98'5 p.154
: International congress on activity (in Russian) 98'6 p.101
: Adolescents' deviant behavior: reasons, trends, social defense forms (in Russian) 98'6 p.104
: The First Davydovian readings (in Russian) 98'6 p.105
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 99'1 p.91
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 99'2 p.117
: Developmental problems of children brought up in orphanages and boarding schools (in Russian) 99'2 p.118
: L. I. Bozhovich and contemporary psychology of development (in Russian) 99'2 p.120
: Teaching psychology in modern school (in Russian) 99'2 p.122
: Anniversary session in Psychological Institute (in Russian) 99'3 p.118
: A. S. Pushkin and the problems of creativity psychology (in Russian) 99'4 p.110
: M. I. Lisina and modern child psychology (in Russian) 99'4 p.112
: Psychological, philosophical and axiological problems of life sense (in Russian) 99'4 p.115
: Psychological provision of non-violence position (in Russian) 99'4 p.118
: Out of editorial mail (in Russian) 99'4 p.124
: VI European Congress on psychology (in Russian) 99'5 p.143
: A new section of Russian psychological society (in Russian) 99'5 p.146
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 99'6 p.139
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 00'1 p.67
: Conference calendar (continued) (in Russian) 00'1 p.134
Shchedrina E. V. : Discussion of problems of emergency psychological help (in Russian) 00'1 p.150
: 40 years of El'konin - Davydov's theory of developing education (in Russian) 00'1 p.151
: To the centenary of the first publication of Z. Freud's book "Die Traumdeutung" (in Russian) 00'1 p.154
: Museum of Z. Freud's dreams (in Russian) 00'1 p.155
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 00'2 p.86
: Conference calendar (continued) (in Russian) 00'2 p.93
: The First International conference "Family psychology and psychotherapy" (in Russian) 00'2 p.146
: Conference "Creativity, communication, personality" (in Russian) 00'2 p.148
: Russian-Belgic seminar on the problems of perfection of psychological service in education (in Russian) 00'2 p.152
: III El'konin's session (in Russian) 00'3 p.146
: 115-th anniversary of Moscow Psychological Society (in Russian) 00'3 p.148
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 00'3 p.150
: Psychological aspects of life sense and acme (in Russian) 00'4 p.136
: Russian-Austrian psychoanalytic conference (in Russian) 00'4 p.140
: III scientific-practical conference "Human creative potential and its realization" (in Russian) 00'4 p.143
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 00'4 p.144
: International seminar of specialists using human-centered approach in organizations (in Russian) 00'5 p.151
: XVI ISSBD conference in Peking (in Russian) 00'5 p.152
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 00'5 p.154
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 00'6 p.135
Popova L. V. : The 7th conference of the ECHA (in Russian) 00'6 p.138
Bertsfai L. V. : International scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 70th anniversary of V. V. Davydov (in Russian) 00'6 p.141
Shchedrina E. V. : All-Russian scientific-practical conference "Family in market relations period" (in Russian) 00'6 p.144
Shchedrina E. V. : Colloquium "Family in Russia: Christian marriage and upbringing of children" (in Russian) 00'6 p.146
Shchedrina E. V. : Opening of V. V. Louchkov psychological literature fund (in Russian) 00'6 p.149
: International symposium "Alliance for children" (in Russian) 01'1 p.141
: International conference in communication psychology (in Russian) 01'1 p.143
: Activity theory approach to psychology: Way covered and forthcoming (in Russian) 01'1 p.145
: Conference "Diagnostics in preschool education" (in Russian) 01'1 p.149
: Conference in economic psychology (in Russian) 01'1 p.154
: Searching for future education psychology (in Russian) 01'1 p.157
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 01'1 p.158
: Readings commemorating L. S. Vygotsky (in Russian) 01'2 p.143
: Round-table talk "Psychology in mirror of self-reflection" (in Russian) 01'2 p.145
: Christian anthropology and modern psychology (in Russian) 01'2 p.147
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 01'2 p.151
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 01'3 p.126
: G. I. Chelpanov and practical psychology of modern education (in Russian) 01'3 p.127
: G. I. Chelpanov and A. A. Smirnov prizes laureates (in Russian) 01'3 p.129
: Comments are wanted (reasoning of practical psychologist concerning Chelpanov Readings) (in Russian) 01'3 p.130
: Conference on giftedness problems (in Russian) 01'3 p.135
: On the results of VII All-Russian conference "Creation of conditions for normal development of a peculiar child" (in Russian) 01'3 p.140
: Conference on existential psychology (in Russian) 01'3 p.143
: Psychological aspects of anti-terrorist safeguarding system organization (in Russian) 01'4 p.136
: The life's sense and acme problems (in Russian) 01'4 p.139
: IV All-Russian exhibition of practical psychology achievements (in Russian) 01'4 p.143
: Scientific-practical conference "Basic biological law and health" (in Russian) 01'4 p.145
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 01'4 p.150
: Conference announcement (in Russian) 01'4 p.154
: Annual conference of the Association for Development of the Person-centered Approach (in Russian) 01'5 p.146
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 01'5 p.148
: International scientific-practical and educational conference on psychodrama and sociometry (in Russian) 01'6 p.135
: Development of psychological service in the sphere of out-of-school education of children (in Russian) 01'6 p.136
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 01'6 p.138
: Reflexive processes: Psychological-pedagogical aspects (in Russian) 02'1 p.129
: Scientific conference "Tolerance - the norm of life in the world of differences" (in Russian) 02'1 p.132
: The Second readings in memory of L. S. Vygotsky (in Russian) 02'1 p.136
: Problems and perspectives of the El'konin-Davydov's system (in Russian) 02'1 p.141
: Conference on clinical psychology in memory of B. V. Zeygarnik (in Russian) 02'1 p.147
: Conference on perinatal psychology and medicine (in Russian) 02'1 p.152
: The Second Russian conference on theoretical and applied problems in psychology (in Russian) 02'1 p.154
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 02'1 p.155
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 02'2 p.98
Shchedrina E. V. : The jubilee scientific conference at the Institute of Psychology (Russian Academy of Sciences) (in Russian) 02'2 p.132
Bugrimenko E. A. : The IV All-Russia conference "Psychology and psychotherapy. Psychotherapy of children, adolescents and adults: Current state and prospects" (in Russian) 02'2 p.135
: Readings in memory of D. B. Elkonin. Session IV (in Russian) 02'2 p.137
Bogdanchikov S. A. : The forgotten congress (The first congress on studying human behaviour) 02'3 p.89
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 02'3 p.118
: P. Ya. Galperin and psychology of XXI century (International Conference to the 100 anniversary of P. Ya. Galperin) (in Russian) 02'3 p.152
: V All-Russia Conference "Psychology and its applications" (in Russian) 02'3 p.153
: From the present age to the past: a jubilee Chelpanov conference (in Russian) 02'4 p.141
: Psychological aspects of life meaning and acme (in Russian) 02'4 p.145
: International conference of students and young scientists "Lomonosov - 2002" (in Russian) 02'4 p.150
: Seminar on current issues in social psychology (in Russian) 02'4 p.151
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 02'4 p.152
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 02'5 p.153
: XI Conference of the international association "Systems in development" (in Russian) 02'5 p.154
: The first all-Russia contest to select the best package of methods of psychological diagnosis in education (in Russian) 02'5 p.156
: XI European Conference on psychology of personality (in Russian) 02'6 p.138
: Conference on maternity problems (in Russian) 02'6 p.141
: Differential psychology: problems and prospects (in Russian) 02'6 p.144
: A "round table" on problems of early development (in Russian) 02'6 p.146
: Conference "Psychology of art" (in Russian) 02'6 p.150
: A "round table" on psychodrama (in Russian) 02'6 p.152
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 02'6 p.153
Stepanova M. A. : P. Ya. Galperin's theory through the eyes of psychologists of the XXI century (in Russian) 03'1 p.136
Leontiev D. A. , Yatsuta-Baronskaya E. I. : The first International conference on positive psychology (in Russian) 03'1 p.141
Popova L. V. : VII conference of the European Council for High Abilities (in Russian) 03'1 p.143
Zadorozhniuk I. E. : Economic psychologists on problems of socialization (in Russian) 03'1 p.147
Martsinkovskaya T. D. : A "round table" on the problem of tolerance (in Russian) 03'1 p.150
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 03'1 p.153
Pasechnik I. , Leontieva A. , Radkovskaya A. , Semenova N. : A psychological school dedicated to the 100th anniversary of A. N. Leontiev (in Russian) 03'2 p.145
Zadorozhniuk I. E. : A conference on the problem of relationships (in Russian) 03'2 p.147
Neganova E. I. : Russian orthodox anthropology and psychology (in Russian) 03'2 p.149
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 03'2 p.153
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 03'3 p.149
Sadchikov U. I. , Usacheva I. V. : A conference on psychology and pedagogy of reading (in Russian) 03'3 p.153
Meshcheriakov B. G. : P. I. Zinchenko and psychology of memory (towards the scientist's centenary) 03'4 p.84
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 03'4 p.132
Vaizer G. A. : Psychological aspects of the meaning of life (in Russian) 03'4 p.146
Sokolova E. E. , Falikman M. V. : An international conference devoted to the centenary of A. N. Leontiev (in Russian) 03'4 p.150
Egorova A. I. : A theoretical and practical conference "Ethnic psychology and modern realities" (in Russian) 03'4 p.154
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 03'5 p.102
Averin V. A. , Allakhverdov V. M. , Semenov V. E. : The III congress of the Russian Psychological Society: Results and prospects (in Russian) 03'5 p.131
Klimov E. A. : Psychology in the XXI century (in Russian) 03'5 p.135
: On the activities of the Russian Psychological Society in the period from September 1998 to June 2003 (RPS Presidents's report) (in Russian) 03'5 p.142
Grishunina E. V. : VIII European Psychological Congress "Cooperation of psychology with related sciences" (in Russian) 03'5 p.144
Morosanova V. I. , Barsky F. I. : XI Conference of ISSID (in Russian) 03'5 p.147
Ivanchenko S. N. : 6th Regional Conference of IACCP (in Russian) 03'5 p.150
Pechenkova E. V. , Fedunina N. Y. : X International Summer School on cognitive science (in Russian) 03'5 p.154
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 03'6 p.31
Panov V. I. : The 3-rd Russian Conference on ecological psychology (in Russian) 03'6 p.147
Liders A. G. , Shabelnikov V. K. : The All-Russia Conference "Psychological problems of the modern Russian family" (in Russian) 03'6 p.149
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 04'1 p.136
Spiridonov V. F. : VI Discussions in memory of L. S. Vygotsky (in Russian) 04'1 p.156
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 04'2 p.148
Bugrimenko E. A. : V Elkonin's Jubilee discussions (in Russian) 04'3 p.111
Maracha V. G. , Tyukov A. A. : Discussions in memory of G. P. Shchedrovitsky (in Russian) 04'3 p.117
Bogoyavlenskaya D. B. : II International Conference on psychology of giftedness (in Russian) 04'3 p.120
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 04'3 p.152
Sapogova E. E. : II Conference on existential psychology (in Russian) 04'4 p.141
Vaizer G. A. : X Symposium "Life sense and acme: 10 years of research" (in Russian) 04'4 p.143
Smirnov S. D. , Chmyhova E. V. : Conference "Individuality and instruction" (in Russian) 04'4 p.147
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 04'4 p.149
Poddyakov N. N. : The international conference on cooperation of economics and psychology (in Russian) 04'5 p.145
Zadorozhniuk I. E. : The conference on the problem of relationships (in Russian) 04'5 p.146
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 04'5 p.148
Egorova M. S. : Twin studies: Modern tendencies (in Russian) 04'6 p.128
Ulanovsky A. M. , Barsky F. I. : The Third international conference "The dialogical myself" (in Russian) 04'6 p.129
Mandrikova E. U. : An international conference on unemployment and health (in Russian) 04'6 p.132
Morosanova G. I. , Gindina E. D. : A conference of the European Association of personality psychology (in Russian) 04'6 p.133
Kutuzova D. A. : An international seminar of school psychologists (in Russian) 04'6 p.137
Sapogova E. E. : The conference "A developing person in the cultural environment: A humanitarian psychology" (in Russian) 04'6 p.140
Volkova N. V. : A Conference in memory of Yu. B. Nekrasova (in Russian) 04'6 p.142
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 04'6 p.144
Shuvalov A. V. : The First All-Russian week of school psychology (in Russian) 05'1 p.144
Kolpakova M. U. : A seminar in memory of T. A. Florenskaya (in Russian) 05'1 p.147
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 05'1 p.151
: A round-table discussion dedicated to the anniversary of the journal "Voprosy Psychologii" 05'2 p.7
Koch K. : Annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society (in Russian) 05'2 p.129
Bazikov M. V. , Zadorozhniuk I. E. : A conference on psychological maintenance of school education (in Russian) 05'2 p.131
Levi T. S. : A conference on interdisciplinary problems of psychology of the body (in Russian) 05'2 p.132
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 05'2 p.136
: A round-table discussion dedicated to the anniversary of the journal "Voprosy Psychologii" 05'3 p.3
Shchedrina E. V. : The jubilee of the journal "Voprosy Psychologii" (in Russian) 05'3 p.144
Bogoyavlenskaya D. B. : The jubilee conference of the Moscow psychological society (in Russian) 05'3 p.146
Rusakov A. V. : XV Seminar in memory of G. P. Shchedrovitsky (in Russian) 05'3 p.148
: Conferences calendar (in Russian) 05'3 p.150
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 05'4 p.157
Bozhovich E. D. : A jubilee conference on N. A. Menchinskaya's scientific heritage (in Russian) 05'5 p.148
Shapiro A. Z. : An international conference on family therapy (in Russian) 05'5 p.150
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 05'5 p.152
Leontiev D. A. , Osin E. N. : International conference "Problems of sense in man-oriented sciences" (in Russian) 05'6 p.133
Rubtsov V. V. , Korepanova I. A. : International congress on activity theory and cultural-historic psychology (in Russian) 05'6 p.134
Shchur V. G. : An all-Russian conference on humanitarian problems in psychology (in Russian) 05'6 p.137
Shuvalov A. V. , Postnikova U. V. : The Second all-Russian Week of school psychology (in Russian) 05'6 p.139
Kolpachnikov V. V. : Application of the man-centered approach in organizations (in Russian) 05'6 p.142
Zadorozhniuk I. E. : A symposium on reflexive processes (in Russian) 05'6 p.143
: Conference calendar (in Russian) 05'6 p.146