Theoretical research
p. 3 Asmolov A. G. : 21th century: Psychology at the age of psychology
p. 13 Poddyakov A. N. : Opposition to education and development as pedagogic method
p. 21 Akimova M. K. , Kozlova V. T. , Ferens N. A. : Theoretical approaches to practical thinking diagnostics
p. 32 Krichevets A. N. : Concerning mathematical problems and mathematical education goals

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 42 Polivanova K. N. : Specific characteristics of development in transitional periods (1-year crisis)
p. 50 Ermolova T. V. , Meshchryakova S. Yu. , Ganoshenko N. I. : Special features of preschoolers' personal development before and during 7-years-crisis
p. 60 Kaplunovich I. Ya. : Psychological characteristics of spatial cognition

Psychology and practice
p. 69 Ispolatova E. N. , Nikolaeva T. P. : Modified technics of early person's recollections
p. 77 Menovshchikov V. Yu. : Psychotherapeutic practice: Clients' myths
p. 83 Kholmogorova L. S. : The forming of schoolchildren's psychological culture
p. 91 : Conference calendar (in Russian)

Thematic reports
p. 92 Osnitsky A. K. , Chuikova T. S. : Self-regulation of person's activity when becoming unemployed

In other countries
p. 105 Smirnova E. O. , Radeva R. : The development of attachment theory (after P. Crittenden)

Critical review and bibliography
p. 117 Bratus' B. S. : Psychology without work and diligence (in Russian)
p. 119 Derkach A. A. : The problems of life sense (in Russian)
p. 122 Kuz'mina N. V. : The personality and pedagogical giftedness (in Russian)
p. 123 Kudryavtsev V. T. : Is the subject idea a foundation of Russian psychological knowledge? (in Russian)
p. 127 : Summaries
p. 129 : Our Authors (in Russian)