Theoretical research
p. 3 Orlov A. B. : Psychological consulting and psychotherapy: A trialogical approach

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 20 Petoukhov V. V. , Zelenkova T. V. : Development of music performance skills as formation of a higher psychological function
p. 33 Zaitsev G. K. , Zaitsev A. G. , Khaptanova T. G. : Sexual education of adolescents: Value oriented attitude to health

Thematic reports
p. 41 Sokolova E. T. , Burlakova N. S , Leontiou F. : Connection between the diffuse gender identity phenomenon and the personal cognitive style
p. 52 Danilova A. G. : Possibilities of studying value orientations of historical communities
p. 68 Popovich V. V. , Moskvin V. A. : Characteristics of psychological time in chronic alcoholics
p. 80 Vasilieva I. A. , Osipova E. M. , Petrova N. N. : Psychological aspects of information technologies

History of psychology
p. 89 Bogdanchikov S. A. : The forgotten congress (The first congress on studying human behaviour)

Experimental research
p. 99 Radchikov N. P. , Repeko A. P. : Structure of semantic memory: A study of the dynamics of the basic level

Experimental methods and apparatus
p. 110 Brutman V. I. , Filippova G. G. , Khamitova I. Yu. : A method for studying psychological condition of women during pregnancy and after birth
p. 118 : Conference calendar (in Russian)

p. 119 Gouseltseva M. S. : Cultural historical psychology and "challenges" of post-modernism

In other countries
p. 132 Goulevich O. A. , Onouchin A. N. : Studying effects of intergroup perception

Critical review and bibliography
p. 146 Yurevich A. V. : Actual past (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 149 Ponomarenko V. A. : Creativity as generic essence of man (in Russian)
p. 152 : P. Ya. Galperin and psychology of XXI century (International Conference to the 100 anniversary of P. Ya. Galperin) (in Russian)

Our anniversaries
p. 153 : V All-Russia Conference "Psychology and its applications" (in Russian)
p. 157 : Anniversary of D. B. Bogoyavlenskaya (in Russian)
p. 159 : Summaries