Theoretical research
p. 5 Burlachuk L. F. , Korzhowa E. Yu. : About measured individuality theory in psychodiagnostics

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 12 Palagina N. N. : Imagination diagnostics in enfants
p. 20 Ahnert L. , Meischner “. , Shmidt A. , Doskin V. : Cross-culture study of Russian and German mothers' interaction with children

Psychology and practice
p. 31 Brutman V. I. , Pancratova M. G. , Enicolopov S. N. : Some results of the study of women abandoning their newbom children
p. 37 Yakovleva E. L. : Psychological conditions of creative potential development in schoolchildren
p. 43 Sobkin V. S. , Pisarsky P. S. : Fiction curriculum in senior schoolchildren
p. 51 Granik G. G. , Kontsevaya L. A. : The study of the schoolchild's reader position

Psychological consultation
p. 60 Zaika E. V. : The games for the development of inner planning of activity in schoolchildren

Thematic reports
p. 69 Salmina N. G. : L. S. Vygotsky's concept and symbolic function development
p. 78 Gorbacheva E. I. : Object orientation of thinking and comprehension
p. 86 Moliako V. A. : The problems in psychology of creation and some approaches to the investigation of giftedness
p. 95 Tarasov G. S. : On musical psychology

p. 100 Rubtsov V. V. , Margolis A. A , Guruzhapov V. A. : Cultural-historial type of school (a project for development)

Psychology and soul experience
p. 111 Metropolitan_Antony_Surozhsky : On self-cognition

Memorable dates
p. 122 Nikolskaya A. A. : A. A. Smirnov: The course of life and scientific work
p. 134 Morosanova V. I. , Sagiev R. R. : The diagnostics of individual-stylistic features of self-regulation in students' learning activiy

Critical review and bibliography
p. 141 Sirotkina I. E. : Is Russia the second motherland of psychoanalysis? (in Russian)
p. 145 Aminov N. A. : A new approach to the concert of the professional development of a teacher (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 148 : Scientific events (in Russian)
p. 157 : Summaries
p. 160 : Our authors (in Russian)