To the 80-th anniversary of Psychological institute
p. 5 Rubtsov V. V. : Problems and perspectives before Psychological institute
p. 16 Sirotkina I. E. : From reaction to "live motion": N. A. Bernstein in Psychological institute of 20th
p. 28 : Psychological institute: Reminiscences

Theoretical research
p. 45 Shapiro A. Z. : Humanistic approach to the psychology of interfamily relationships: Positive versus negative
p. 56 Ball G. A. , Burgin M. S. : Role of psychological influence in education

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 67 Pantina N. S. : The importance of topical-situative forms of activity for preschooler's development
p. 73 Vyatkin B. A. , Khrustaleva T. M. : Special abilities in teacher's personality structure

Psychology and practice
p. 82 Venger A. L. : The structure of psychological syndrome
p. 92 Shekhter M. S. : Concerning one of important goals of adaptive education

Thematic reports
p. 100 Kozulin A. : Mediation: Psychological activity and psychological tools
p. 108 Grigorenko E. L. : Statistical modelling in psychology: Pro and contra

Memorable dates
p. 127 Zinchenko V. P. : Psychology in the Russian Academy of Education

Experimental methods and apparatus
p. 143 Shcheblanova E. I. , Averina I. S. , Zadorina E. N. : Express-diagnostics of intellectual abilites in 6-7-year-old children

In other countries
p. 147 Li Fan Khay. : Developmental psychology in China
p. 150 : Scientific events (in Russian)
p. 153 : To the anniversary of L. I. Antsyferova (in Russian)
p. 158 : Summaries
p. 160 : Our authors (in Russian)