In the Presidium of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR
p. 5 Bodaliov A. A. : Present-day state and perspectives of the research in the fields of psychology, defectology, and age physiology

Educational and developmental psychology
p. 14 Yermolayev O. Yu. : Assessment of the level of labour educatedness in senior schoolchildren
p. 19 Korsounsky Ye. A. : Dvelopment of literatury abilities in professional writers in their school years
p. 27 Abramenkova V. V. : Development of humane attitudes, and social psychology of childhood
p. 36 Sapogova Ye. Ye. : Peculiartities of the transitory period in 6-7-years old children
p. 43 Ovtchinnikova T. N. : Peculiarities of self-comprehension in 6-years-old children
p. 49 Poddiakov A. N. : Variability in transformation of an object by pre-school children as a condition for understanding its meaning
p. 53 Zakharova S. A. : Cognitive differentiation and specificity of development of generalizations in the sphere of imagination in senior schoolchildren

Psychology and educational practice
p. 63 Krouglov B. S. : Legal recognition and psychological preparation of youth for married life

Thematic reports and contributions
p. 69 Rozhdestvenskaya N. A. : Role of stereotypes in cognition of a man by a man
p. 76 Romanov ╩. ╠. : Interpersonal cognition and activity

p. 82 Meshchersky R. M. : Psychological isomorphism: Reality or illusion?
p. 91 Bekhtereva N. P. , Gogolitsyn Yu. L. , Kropotov Yu. D. , Medvedev S. L. : On some methodological issues in the study of the brain v. mind problem (on the occasion of R. M. Meshchersky's article)

Scientific archives
p. 101 Rubinstein S. L. : The principle of creative self-initiative
p. 109 Leontiev A. N. : The problem of activity in the history of Soviet psychology

An aid to applied psychologist
p. 121 Kopyev A. F. : Individual psychological consulting in the context of family psychotherapy

Experimental research
p. 131 Usmanova E. Z. : Study of motivational-emotional regulation of thinking under conditions of conflicting activities
p. 136 Tchougounova E. S. : Relation between professional motivation and creative activity in engineers
p. 142 Krol V. M. , Bondar Ye. I. , Sosina V. D. : Temporal characteristics of perception of objects of a given size
p. 146 Bratus B. S. , Pavlenko V. N. : Correlation between the structure of self-estimation and the regulation of activity by goals in norm and under conditions of pathological development
p. 155 Kudryavtsev I. A. , Lavrinovich A. N. : Peculiarities of regulation of thinking in anomalous individuals
p. 163 Sergienko E. A. : Statical and dynamical in the visual world of an infant

In other countries
p. 170 Ermakova I. V. : Some approaches and perspectives in development of automated psychodiagnostics and prediction abroad (in Russian)
p. 175 Faraponova E. A. , Proensa Horhe Arahuer. : Educational psychology in Cuban republic (in Russian)

Brief book reviews
p. 176 Desev L. N. : Psychology as a fundemental science about human being (in Russian)

Critical review and bibliography
p. 179 Shakhrimanian I. K. : Problems in psychology of the child (in Russian)

Events in science
p. 181 Zhiznevsky B. P. , Proshchitskaya E. N. , Tatenko V. A. , Valkovskaya S. V. : Psychological problems of moral education (in Russian)
p. 184 Kouzmitchyova I. A. : Problems of development of cognitive abilities in schoolchildren (in Russian)
p. 186 : To the 80-th anniversary of ╩. ╠. Gourevitch (in Russian)
p. 188 : Summaries
p. 192 : Our authors (in Russian)