Chudnovsky V. E.

(# 06'6)

Chudnovsky V. E. : International seminar on the problem of abilities (in Russian) 85'2 p.183

Chudnovsky V. E. : Urgent problems in the psychology of abilities 86'3 p.78

Chudnovsky V. E. : Problem of subjectivity in the light of present-day issues in the psychology of education 88'4 p.15

Choudnovsky V. E. , Orlov A. B. : Soviet-Czechoslovakian symposium (in Russian) 89'2 p.175

Chudnovskiy V. E. : Actual problems of conviction forming psychology 90'5 p.40

Chudnovsky V. E. : Personality model of a teacher (in Russian) 99'2 p.107

Chudnovsky V. E. : Psychological constituents of the optimal life meaning 03'3 p.3

Chudnovsky V. E. : On three scientific ideas of B. M. Teplov 06'6 p.112

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