Theoretical research
p. 3 Yurevich A. V. : System crisis in psychology

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 12 Antonova G. P. , Ikunina Z. I. , Antonova I. P. , Antonova N. A. : The influence of senior preschoolers' intellect on educative efficacy
p. 22 Radina N. K. : On gender analysis usage in psychological studies
p. 28 Karopa G. N. : System differentiation principle in ecological education

Psychology and practice
p. 35 Bogoyavlenskaya D. B. : in creativity context

Thematic reports
p. 42 Dontsov A. I. , Belokrylova G. M. : Students-psychologists' professional notions
p. 50 Lusin D. V. : Emotion categorization empirical analysis
p. 61 Kholmogorova A. B. , Garanyan N. G. : Culture, emotions and psychic health

History of psychology
p. 75 Piskoppel A. A. : Human nature according to A. Maslow concepts
p. 87 Orlov A. B. : Humanism with a face of cultural-anthropological prototype: russian variant
p. 90 Nikolskaya A. A. : A. Binet as one of the founders of experimental psychology

Experimental methods
p. 98 Ryazansky V. P. , Kornev A. V. : Intonation skills development due to complex audio and visual stimuli influence

In other countries
p. 101 Dorfman L. Ya. , Kovaleva G. V. : The main trends in studies of creativeness in science and art

Critical review and bibliography
p. 107 Chudnovsky V. E. : Personality model of a teacher (in Russian)
p. 110 Tsukerman G. A. : Education, creativity and understanding as synonyms (in Russian)
p. 114 Aminev G. A. : New approach to neuro-structural foundation of individual differences (in Russian)
p. 115 Zimnyaya I. A. : New text-book on developmental psychology (in Russian)
p. 117 : Conference calendar (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 118 : Developmental problems of children brought up in orphanages and boarding schools (in Russian)
p. 120 : L. I. Bozhovich and contemporary psychology of development (in Russian)
p. 122 : Teaching psychology in modern school (in Russian)
p. 127 : Summaries
p. 129 : Our Authors (in Russian)