Theoretical research
p. 3 Slobodchikov V. I. , Isaev E. I. : Anthropological principle in developmental psychology

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 18 Ulanovskaya I. M. , Polivanova N. I. , Ermakova I. V. : What is "educative environment" at school and how to expose it?
p. 24 Filippova G. G. : Comparative-psychological study of enlivening complex

Psychology in high school
p. 35 Kolpachnikov V. V. : Introduction to individual psychological consulting
p. 40 Vasilyuk F. E. : Psychotechnical analysis of psychotherapeutical process

Thematic reports
p. 44 Krol' V. M. : Psychological mechanisms of visual perception process: Integrative model
p. 58 Mironova M. N. : Concerning symbiotic conjugate dominant as the basis of symbiotic connection mechanism

Psychology and practice
p. 65 Il'ina S. V. : The influence of violence experienced in childhood on personal disorders' formation

History of psychology
p. 75 Sirotkina I. E. : Literature and psychology: oncerning humanitarian approach history

Experimental research
p. 86 Gordeeva N. D. , Evsevicheva I. V. , Zinchenko V. P. , Kurgansky A. V. : Microdinamics of action motor stage

Scientific events
p. 101 : International congress on activity (in Russian)
p. 104 : Adolescents' deviant behavior: reasons, trends, social defense forms (in Russian)
p. 105 : The First Davydovian readings (in Russian)

Our anniversaries
p. 107 : All life in search: L. M. Vekker is 80 years old (in Russian)
p. 111 : A. A. Bodalev is 75 years old (in Russian)
p. 112 : To G. G. Granik's anniversary (in Russian)
p. 115 : To N. I. Chuprikova's anniversary (in Russian)
p. 122 : O. M. Diachenko (necro) (in Russian)
p. 123 : Yu. A. Sherkovin (necro) (in Russian)
p. 124 : Summaries
p. 126 : Index of publications in 1998 (in Russian)
p. 129 : Our authors (in Russian)