Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 3 Talyzina N. F. : Activity approach to generalization mechanisms
p. 17 Venger A. L. : Mental development of children in the process of joint activity
p. 27 Alexeyev K. I. : Identification of metaphor by children aged 8-10
p. 40 Obukhova L. F. , Ryabova T. V. , Guslova M. N. , Sture T. K. : Egocentricity in disabled teenagers
p. 49 Ivchenkova N. P. , Efimova A. V. , Akkuzina O. P. : Teenage attitudes towards the beginning of sex life
p. 57 Prochorov A. O. , Vasilieva T. N. : Relation of a teacher's character and his/her psychological states
p. 70 Vyatkin B. A. : Metaindividuality and its manifestations in primary school teachers

Psychology and practice
p. 79 Oslon V. N. , Kholmogorova A. B. : A professional foster family as one of the most attractive solutions for orphans in Russia

Thematic reports
p. 91 Vizgina A. V. , Pantileyev S. P. : Manifestation of personality traits: Self-descriptions by men and women

Scientific archives
p. 101 : On the problem of development of mathematical abilities. A. N. Kolmogorov's answers to items of questionnaire (in Russian)
p. 103 : A. N. Kolmogorov on development of mathematical abilities (the letter to V. A. Krutetsky) (in Russian)
p. 107 Yurkevich V. S. : A. N. Kolmogorov and the problem of mathematical giftedness

From work experience
p. 117 Milrud R. P. , Mozheiko A. V. : Diagnostics of long-term and temporary cognitive problems in primary school children

Critical review and bibliography
p. 121 Nasinovskaya E. E. : From art to consciousness: hypnolog's experience (in Russian)
p. 123 Krupnov A. I. , Mitkin A. A. : System approach in psychology: from perception to personality (in Russian)
p. 125 : New journal (in Russian)
p. 126 : Conference calendar (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 127 : G. I. Chelpanov and practical psychology of modern education (in Russian)
p. 129 : G. I. Chelpanov and A. A. Smirnov prizes laureates (in Russian)
p. 130 : Comments are wanted (reasoning of practical psychologist concerning Chelpanov Readings) (in Russian)
p. 135 : Conference on giftedness problems (in Russian)
p. 140 : On the results of VII All-Russian conference "Creation of conditions for normal development of a peculiar child" (in Russian)
p. 143 : Conference on existential psychology (in Russian)

Our anniversaries
p. 145 : To the 70-th anniversary of O. A. Konopkin (in Russian)
p. 147 : To the 60-th anniversary of A. A. Shteinmetz (in Russian)

Editor mail
p. 149 : Answer to Dresden tutor (comment to B. M. Velichkovsky's open letter) (in Russian)
p. 151 : How to put our house in order (comment to B. M. Velichkovsky's open letter) (in Russian)
p. 153 : Two systems of human movement and their reflection in psyche (in Russian)
p. 155 : M. G. Yaroshevsky (necro) (in Russian)
p. 159 : Summaries