Theoretical research
p. 5 Abramenkova V. V. : Estrangement problem in psychology

Psychologists - to humanization of society
p. 13 : Soviet Association for humanistic psychology (project of statute)

Pedagogical and developmental psychology
p. 16 Poddyakov N. N. : New approache to creativity development in preschoolers
p. 20 Znakov V. V. : The comprehention of violence and humiliation situations by aggressive adolescents
p. 28 Bulohov V. Ya. : Operative memory and spelling mistakes of pupils
p. 33 Berezhkovskaya E. L. , Varentsova N. S. : Teaching to 5-years-old children the beginnings of spoiling
p. 41 Tsukerman G. A. : The objectiveness of joint educational activity
p. 50 Zaytsev ┬. ╠. , Lytko A. A. : Dynamics of 6-years-old first-graders' mental efficiency in connection to their physical activity
p. 56 Shakirova G. M. : Psychological peculiarities of students' adoption of moral notions during literature lessons
p. 64 : Deponent articles (in Russian)

Psychology and pedagogical practice
p. 65 Makarova V. I. : Collective form of problem teaching in spelling
p. 69 Samoukina N. V. : The schoolchildren's activization in professional self-determination
p. 77 Milrud R. P. : The forming of professional convictions in future teachers
p. 86 Masgutova S. K. : Psychological rehabilitation of children - victims of railway catastrophe

Psychological consultation
p. 93 Fridman I. K. : Concerning parent - child contact

Thematic reports
p. 100 Guberman Sh. A. : Artificial intellect-88 and M. Vertheimer's "Productive thinking" (1945)
p. 106 Dyachenko M. I. , Ponomarenko V. A. : Concerning the study of emotional stability
p. 113 Gilbo E. V. : Psychological sense of rationalistic criticism of psychoanalysis

p. 117 Chuprikova N. I. : Did I. P. Pavlov's concept slow down the development of Soviet behaviouristic sciences

Scientific archives
p. 125 : G. S. Kostyuk's "Role of heredity, environment and upbringing in psychic development of a child" address' discussion

Experimental studies
p. 131 Bardin K. V. : Threshold problem and differential psychophysics
p. 136 Zachesova I. A. , Pavlova N. D. : Peculiarities of interaction between partners in communication and their reflection in speech
p. 140 Smirnova M. M. : Psychological characteristics of externality - internality degree in a text
p. 147 Manerov V. H. : The success of perception in connection with individual peculiarities of listeners

Experimental methods and apparatus
p. 154 Oganezov A. S. , Sumenko O. V. : Automation of personality study by MMPI method with verbal diagnosis synthesis

In other countries
p. 158 Kerig P. K. : The family context: couple satisfaction, parenting style, and speech to young children
p. 164 Rogers N. : Creativity as a path to self-empowerment
p. 168 : Brief book reviews (in Russian)

Critical review and bibliography
p. 171 Klimov E. A. : Popular psychology for parents (in Russian)
p. 172 Myagkov I. F. , Lanina N. V. : Children's and adolescents' neuroses: clinics and psychology (in Russian)
p. 173 Nishanov B. K. : Types of belletristic texts and perception of them (in Russian)
p. 175 Sedrakyan S. A. : Armenian Soviet psychology: development and urgent problems of research (in Russian)
p. 176 : Dissertations on psychology (in Russian)

Events in science
p. 179 Kolysnyk A. P. , Omelchenko S. N. , Polyakov V. G. : Seminar on personality self-development problems (in Russian)
p. 180 Kochubey B. I. : Psychology and pedagogics in club work (in Russian)
p. 181 Kedrova E. L. : Human factor at the works (in Russian)
p. 182 : Concerning foundation of All-union philantrophic fond "Intellect" (in Russian)
p. 183 : Conference calendar (in Russian)

Out of editorial mail
p. 184 : Out of editorial mail (in Russian)
p. 188 : Summaries
p. 192 : Our authors (in Russian)