Theoretical research
p. 6 Bratus' B. S. : On a problem of moral consciousness in the last century culture
p. 13 Kovalev G. A. : Child's psychic development and environment

Pedagogical and developmental psychology
p. 24 Frumin I. D. , El'konin B. D. : Educational space as a space of development ("school of maturing")
p. 32 Holodnaya M. A. : Psychological mechanisms of intellectual giftedness

Psychology and practice
p. 40 Puhova T. I. : Radiation image in drawings of schoolchildreh residing on polluted territories

Psychological consultation
p. 47 Andrushchenko T. Yu. , Karabekova N. V. : Psychic development of junior schoolchildren correction on the early stages of education

Thematic reports
p. 54 Meliya M. I. , Rozin M. V. : Shaping of positive public image-of the new Russian entrepreneurs
p. 61 Vasil'ev V. L. , Mainaichuk I. I. : Under-age victims of sexual violence: Personality analysis
p. 68 Doronina O. V. : A dread of computer - its nature, prevention, overcoming
p. 78 Paley A. I. : The hypothesis of somatic-psychic dissonance: Neurosological, narcological and psychotherapeutic aspects

p. 86 Kagan V. E. : "Inner picture of health" - is it a term or a conception?

Memorable dates
p. 89 Zinchenko V. P. : To the memory of Teacher
p. 92 Talyzina N. F. : Theory of planned formation of intellectual actions today
p. 102 : Speeches and addresses on Psychological institute opening

Experimental research
p. 104 Borozdina L. V. , Zaluchenova E. A. : Anxiety index increase as a result of self-evaluation and aspiration divergence

Critical review and bibliography
p. 114 Tsukerman G. A. : What theory is necessary for school psychology? (in Russian)

p. 116 : A. V. Brushlinsky is 60 years old (in Russian)
p. 119 : To the 60-th anniversary of O. K. Tihomirov (in Russian)
p. 121 : To the 60-th anniversary of V. A. Ponomarenko (in Russian)

Events in science
p. 124 Paramei G. V. : V European conference on emotional expression of a face (in Russian)
p. 125 : Conference calendar (in Russian)
p. 126 : Summaries
p. 128 : Our authors (in Russian)