Theoretical research
p. 5 Gur'eva L. P. : Psychological consequences of computerization: Functional, ontogenetic and historical aspects

Pedagogical and developmental psychology
p. 17 Kushnir N. Ya. : Crying as a discriminant of infant's psychic development
p. 24 Sapogova E. E. : Modelling as a condition of imagination development in preschoolers
p. 32 Pantina N. S. : Initial elements of psychic structures in early childhood
p. 39 Knyazev E. A. : Pedagogics and psychology of social deprivation (historical aspect)

Psychology and practice
p. 47 Romanova O. L. , Ivannikova I. V. : Culturological aspects of anti-narcotic instruction
p. 53 Shcherbakov R. N. : Common sense of a student and scientific knoledge

Psychological consultation
p. 62 Belavina I. G. : Child's attitude to computer and computer games

For teacher's assistance
p. 70 : Some materials to school psychology text-book (in Russian)

Thematic reports
p. 77 Dubin B. V. , Tolstykh A. V. : Rumors as socio-psychological phenomenon
p. 81 Shenshev L. V. : Psychological reasons for linguaphonic technology of education crisis
p. 88 Belyakova L. I. , D'yakova E. A. : Comparative analysis of pause duration normal and stuttering speech
p. 94 Pavlenko V. N. : Activity approach to the problem of normal psychic development

Experimental research
p. 101 Peabody D. , Shmelev A. O. , Andreeva M. K. , Granienitsky A. E. : Russians as perceived by themselves and others: Psychosemantic study of national character stereotypes

In other countries
p. 110 : Brief book review (in Russian)

Our anniversaries
p. 112 : A. A. Bodaliov is 70 years old (in Russian)
p. 115 : Events in science (in Russian)

Out of working experience
p. 119 Eremeev B. A. : Opinions about people held by teachers, pupils and parents (in Russian)
p. 122 Lushin P. V. , Shuranova N. Yu. : Psychological service in pedagogical institute (in Russian)
p. 126 : Summaries
p. 128 : Our authors (in Russian)