To the 70-th anniversary of the Great October Revolution
p. 5 : Developing of psychology in the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic and in republics of the Soviet Central Asia

Theoretical research
p. 22 Andreeva G. M. , Ageyev V. S. : Psychological aspects of development of "the new thinking" in the nuclear era
p. 30 Petrovsky A. V. : Possibilities and ways of developing a general-psychological theory of personality

Educational and developmental psychology
p. 45 Prygin G. S. , Stepansky V. I. , Fariutin V. P. : Correlation between vocational self-determination and peculiarities of self-regulation in senior schoolchildren
p. 51 Zemtsova L. I. : Schoolchildren's motivation when passing through the course "Fundamentals of information science"
p. 55 Bertzfai L. V. : Specificity of controlling behavior in learning
p. 61 Umanets L. I. : Role of pre-schoolers' self-determination in their play attitudes
p. 67 Barkan A. I. : Peculiarities of pictorial activity of the first-year pupils in the period of adaptation to the school life
p. 71 Naumenko S. I. : Promotion of musical abilities in younger schoolchildren in the process of individual instruction
p. 76 Fedotchev A. I. : Perception and memory in tenth-grade pupils who started studying at 6 and 7 years

Psychology and educational practice
p. 83 : Psychology of the dialogue and pedagogics of creative cooperation (round-table talk: Psychological problems of promoting initiative and creativity in a teacher)
p. 88 Gerasimova V. S. : Effect of an elective course on psychology on senior schoolchildren
p. 92 Priazhnikov N. S. : Business game as a means of activizing vocational self-determination of schoolchildren

Thematic reports and contributions
p. 100 Tolochek V. A. : Individual style of activity, stability, and changeability

History of psychology
p. 109 Nikolskaya A. A. : Main stages in the development of educational psychology in pre-revolutionary Russia

Memorable events
p. 119 Stepanova E. I. : B. G. Ananiev as a researcher and an organizer of science (to the 80-th anniversary)

To help an applied psychologist
p. 128 Levkovich V. P. , Zuskova ╬. ┼. : A procedure for diagnosis of attitudes in marriage

Experimental research
p. 135 Veraksa N. E. : Appearance of prerequisites of dialectical thinking in pre-school age
p. 139 Konovalov V. F. , Zhuravliov G. I. , Serikov I. S. : Quality of simple and complicated forms of memory as a function of age and sex

Experimental methods and apparatus
p. 145 Dzhuzha N. F. : Use of the non-parametric statistics in psychological-pedagogical studies

In other countries
p. 151 Kochubey B. I. : Main trends in cognitive psychophysiology

Brief book reviews
p. 159 Stetsenko A. P. : Bruner J. Child's talk. (in Russian)
p. 161 Kornilov A. P. : Sprung L. , Sprung H. Fudementals of methodology and use of methods in psychology (in Russian)

Critical review and bibliography
p. 163 Bodaliov A. A. , Zeigarnik B. V. , Leontiev D. A. : The problem of the uncoscious: A move to a dialogue (in Russian)
p. 165 Sokolova E. Ď. , Dorozhevets A. N. : Practical psychology for everybody (in Russian)
p. 167 Swiadoshch A. M. : A book about sexual education of children and adolescents (in Russian)
p. 169 Ball G. A. , Skripchenko A. V. : A useful manual for a teacher (in Russian)
p. 171 : Deposited papers (in Russian)

Events in science
p. 174 Prikhozhan A. M. , Tolstykh N. N. : Scientific-practical problems of the school psychological service (in Russian)
p. 177 Kolominsky Ya. L. , Zhiznevsky B. P. , Tsyrkoun N. A. : L. S. Vygotsky's ideas in present-day psychological-pedagogical science and practice (in Russian)
p. 180 Davletshin M. G. , Shaumarov G. B. : A conference on labour education in the vocational orientation of schoolchildren (in Russian)
p. 181 Imedadze I. V. : To the 100-th anniversary of D. N. Uznadze (in Russian)
p. 183 : To the 60-th anniversary of V. I. Voitko (in Russian)
p. 184 : To the 60-th anniversary of I. V. Ravich-Shcherbo (in Russian)
p. 186 : On results of the IX-th and concerning the X-th All-Union competition of young scientists and specialists in social sciences (in Russian)
p. 187 : Results of the competition for the best articles published in "Voprosy Psikhologii" in 1986 (in Russian)
p. 188 : Vladimir Vladimirovich Grigolava (necro) (in Russian)
p. 189 : Summaries in English
p. 192 : Our authors (in Russian)