Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 3 Sobkin V. S. , Marich E. M. : Value orientations in parents of pre-school children
p. 15 Savina E. A. , Charova O. B. : Peculiarities of mothers' sets towards retarded and handicapped children
p. 23 Semenova L. E. : Gender analysis of the strategy and tactics of claims in late pre-schoolers

Psychology and practice
p. 32 Beloshistaya A. V. : Teaching maths in primary school on the basis of correction and development

Thematic reports
p. 45 Znakov V. V. : Machiavellianism, manipulative behaviour and mutual understanding in interpersonal communication
p. 55 Piskoppel A. A. : Theoretical prerequisites of an organization and activity model of social conflict
p. 73 Kornilova T. V. , Smirnov S. D. : Groups of personal motivation traits as regulation systems for decision-making
p. 84 Yanovsky M. I. : On causes of the psychological effect of art upon people
p. 93 Seltzer V. J. , Seltzer M. R. : A cultural anthropological approach to family therapy: Myths and magic

p. 103 Pakhalyan V. E. : What kind of school psychologist should we and can we have?

Memorable dates
p. 113 Barabanshchikov V. A. : Systems and reflection (Towards B. F. Lomov's 75 anniversary)

In other countries
p. 127 : Brief book review (in Russian)

Critical review and bibliography
p. 131 Lavrik E. G. , Zadorozhniuk E. I. : Social causes and psychological roots of terrorism (in Russian)
p. 134 Andrianov M. S. : The other side of the word (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 138 : XI European Conference on psychology of personality (in Russian)
p. 141 : Conference on maternity problems (in Russian)
p. 144 : Differential psychology: problems and prospects (in Russian)
p. 146 : A "round table" on problems of early development (in Russian)
p. 150 : Conference "Psychology of art" (in Russian)
p. 152 : A "round table" on psychodrama (in Russian)
p. 153 : Conference calendar (in Russian)
p. 154 : V. Ya. Liaudis (necro) (in Russian)
p. 156 : Summaries
p. 158 : Index of publications in 2002 (in Russian)