To the 70-th anniversary of the Great October Revolution
p. 5 : Developing of psychology in Republics of Transcaucasia (Azerbaijani and Armenian SSRs) and in the Daghestan ASSR

Theoretical research
p. 19 Filippov A. V. , Il'in G. L. : The problem of organized work in the psychology of management

Educational and developmental psychology
p. 31 Verbitsky A. A. : A concept of semantic-contextual learning in the higher education school
p. 40 Markova A. K. , Nikonova A. Y. : Psychological specificity of the individual style in teaching
p. 48 Petrovsky V. A. , Cherepanova E. M. : Individual features of self-control in organization of one's attention
p. 56 Sidorova T. N. : Specificity of social responsibility in senior schoolchildren
p. 62 Rivina I. V. : Development of learning-cognitive operations in younger schoolchildren as a function of the type of their collective activity.
p. 70 Abramenkova V. V. : Sex differentiation and interpersonal relations in a group of children
p. 78 Guskova T. V. , Elagina M. G. : New developments in the personality of children during the three years crisis
p. 86 Knyaseva O. L. : Specificity of pre-schoolers' searching activity in solving visual-practical problems

Psychology and educational practice
p. 94 : Psychological problems of developing initiative and creativity in a teacher (Round-table talk) (in Russian)
p. 112 Sholomy . . : A way to use a computer in teaching general education subjects

Thematic reports and contributions
p. 121 Kaverin S. B. : Psychological classification of needs
p. 129 Milman V. E. : Internal and external motivation for learning

Experimental research
p. 139 Ibatullina A. A. : Effect of development of cognitive functions on psychophysiological indices of the orienting reaction in a child
p. 144 Osipova E. K. : Structure of the pedagogical thinking in a teacher

Experimental methods and apparatus
p. 147 Muldarov V. K. , Rubtsov V. V. : Normative diagnosis of the level of a learning-cognitive activity in a schoolchild

In other countries
p. 154 Fernandes-Baljesteros R. : Psychodiagnostics in Spain

Brief book reviews
p. 160 Ginzbourg M. R. : Tyshkova M. Development of a child of inside and outside a family (in Russian)
p. 161 Bahman T. K. : Parasuraman R. , Davies D. R. Varieties of attention (in Russian)
p. 162 Iskoldsky N. V. : Obonai T. Perception, learning and thinking: Psycho-physiological induction theory (in Russian)

Critical review and bibliography
p. 164 Znakov V. V. : Introduction into the psychology of computerization (in Russian)
p. 166 Zimnyaya I. A. , Petukhova I. A. : A text-book on psychology for future teachers (in Russian)
p. 168 Losik G. V. : A new approach to the study of the internal speech (in Russian)

Events in science
p. 171 Kovalev G. A. , Orlov A. B. : Problems of increasing the efficiency of teaching and education (in Russian)
p. 173 : To the 60-th anniversary of L. N. Prokolienko (in Russian)
p. 174 : To the 60-th anniversary of Yu. F. Polyakov (in Russian)

Towards the All-Union Congress of psychologists
p. 176 : Normative instructions for the producers and users of psychodiagnostical methods (in Russian)

Out of practical experience
p. 182 Egudina T. N. , Lapina O. A. , Tsernes O. R. : Psychological service in an organization (in Russian)

From editorial mail
p. 185 Tsvetkov A. M. : Concerning the position of pupils in the process of School reform (in Russian)
p. 187 : Yu. A. Koulagin (necro) (in Russian)
p. 189 : Summaries
p. 192 : Our authors (in Russian)