p. 5 Likhachev ¬. “. : Education of the individual in the Developed Socialist Society and urgent tasks in pedagogics and educational psychology

Theoretical research
p. 20 Zavalishina D. N. : Psychological structure of a practical task
p. 26 Zavalova N. D. , Ponomarenko V. A. : Specificity of the mental imagery controlling human actions under conditions of distorted afferentation
p. 35 Kukarkin A. Z. : Critical analysis of contemporary sociobiology (on the role of hereditary pre-conditions in the psychological development of a man)

Educational and developmental psychology
p. 43 Feldstein D. I. : Psychological regularities of the development of a personality, and urgent educational tasks
p. 52 Isayev E. I. : Psychological description of the mode of planning in younger school-children
p. 61 Baram D. P. : Educational and vocational interests in schoolchildren with different manifestations of cognitive processes

Psychology and educational practice
p. 67 Babich N. : Development of questions in schoolchildren
p. 75 Nekrasova Yu. B. : Group stress-emotional psychotherapy in correction of mental states in stutterers
p. 83 Shakirova G. M. : A real-life procedure for the study of moral convictions in schoolchildren
p. 90 Grebelnik S. G. : Development of the perfect musical ear in pre-school children

Psychological consultation
p. 99 Gutkina N. I. : Psychological problems of communication between a teacher and an adolescent

Experimental studies
p. 107 Shcherbo N. P. : Peculiarities of individual and group problem-solving under conditions of common activity
p. 112 Ratanova T. A. : Absolute auditory sensitivity and physiological strength of supraliminal stimuli
p. 122 Indlin Yu. A. : Role of training in auditory discrimination

Experimental methods and apparatus
p. 127 Sardzhveladze N. I. : A monologic interview method
p. 130 Tsekhnovicher V. M. : A procedure for measuring the value-orientational cohesion of a small group
p. 132 Pchelinov A. F. : A chart of control over common activity of the aircraft crew (in Russian)
p. 134 Izotov M. I. : A complex of devices for registration of spatial and temporal structure of activity (in Russian)
p. 136 Sosnin N. K. : Literal-ideographic script for rapid reading

Thematic reports and contributions
p. 142 Bazhin E. F. , Ganina N. A. , Korneva T. V. : Description of the human face in belles-lettres as a problem of man-by-man perception

History of psychology
p. 148 Menchinskaya N. A. : General-psychological views of M. Ya. Basov and their importance for educational psychology

In other countries
p. 152 Rudneva E. I. Furyayeva T. V. : On critical assessment of psychological-pedagogical preparation of future teachers in GFR (in Russian)

Brief book reviews
p. 156 Liders A. G. : Mann I. Lernprobleme: Ein Buch fur Eltern und Lehrer (in Russian)
p. 157 Bakanov E. N. : Pfaff D. W. (ed. ) The psychological mechanisms of motivation (in Russian)
p. 158 Bahman T. K. : Long J. , Baddeley J. (eds. ) Attention and performance (in Russian)

Critical review and bibliography
p. 160 Radzihovsky L. A. : An attempt at complex formulation of the problem of man (in Russian)
p. 163 Tikhomirov ő.  . : Problems in psychology of communication and thinking (in Russian)
p. 164 Zhdan A. N. : Out of the history of Russian psychological thought (in Russian)
p. 166 Iskakov B. I. , Krichevsky R. L. : Urgent problems in mathematization of the social-psychological knowledge (in Russian)

Events in science
p. 168 Markova A. K. , Hakkarainen P. : Cognitive activity in learning (in Russian)
p. 170 : To the 75-th anniversary of E. A. Budilova. (in Russian)
p. 171 : P. A. Rudik (necro) (in Russian)
p. 172 : E. A. Milerian (necro) (in Russian)
p. 173 : Summaries
p. 176 : Our authors (in Russian)