Theoretical research
p. 3 Petrovsky A. V. , Petrovsky V. A. : Categorical system of psychology

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 18 Meshcheryakova S. Yu. : Psychological readiness to mothering
p. 28 Galiguzova L. N. : Schoolchildren shyness psychological analysis
p. 38 Bylkina N. D. , Liusin D. V. : Emotions cognitive schemes development in ontogenesis
p. 48 Sidorenkov A. V. : Christianity values and youth socialization in modern Russia
p. 56 Shekhter M. S. , Potapova A. Ya. : New ideas in perception psychology of 'soft' models and how they function in teaching and cognitive processes

Psychology and practice
p. 65 Ismagilova A. G. : Pedagogical contact style of a kindergarten educator
p. 72 Lokalova N. P. : Organization of verbal significant cognitive structure

Thematic reports
p. 87 Dubov I. G. , Khvostov A. A. : Moral determination of behavior in mass ordinary awareness of large groups of population
p. 99 Leibin V. M. : "Traumdeutung" as Z. Freud's psychobiography
p. 111 Fingelkurts An. A. , Fingelkurts Al. A. : Hemispheric laterality, high intelligence and twins

p. 122 Myasoyed P. A. : An anthropological principle and psychology of development problems

Experimental methods and apparatus
p. 127 Bondarev I. P. , Vylegzhanin O. E. , Chicherin D. S. , Sofyin A. M. : A new technique to measure attention dimensions

From work experience
p. 132 Slutsky V. I. : Phenomenon of public domain and its influence on forming personality of Children's Homes inmates
p. 136 Moliako V. A. : Psychological training system for constructive thinking
p. 142 Aristova T. A. : Psychophysiological causes of difficulty in teaching reading and writing and how to overcome them
p. 147 Zhdan A. N. : Human being problems in Russian psychological science in XX century (in Russian)
p. 148 Zadorozhniuk I. E. : New perspective of economic psychology (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 151 : International seminar of specialists using human-centered approach in organizations (in Russian)
p. 152 : XVI ISSBD conference in Peking (in Russian)
p. 154 : Conference calendar (in Russian)

Our anniversaries
p. 155 : To the 80-th birthday of E. N. Sokolov (in Russian)
p. 157 : Summaries