To the 80-th anniversary of Psyhological institute
p. 5 : Greetings and congratulations (in Russian)
p. 7 : Psychological institute: Reminiscences (in Russian)

Theoretical research
p. 27 Yaroshevsky M. G. : From animal magnetism to ohlotelesuggestion
p. 38 Bratus B. S. : The position of pathopsyhology in the study of disease history
p. 43 Ginsburg M. R. : Psychological contents of personal self-determination

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 53 Kushnir N. Ya. : Enfant's crying dynamics during first months of life
p. 61 Osnitsky A. K. : Psychological analysis of scoolchildren's aggressiveness
p. 68 Bain B. , Yu A. , Panarin I. A. : Raising children bilingually: Re-reading L. Vygotsky and A. Luria
p. 82 Erchak N. T. : Special features of text comprehension by adults and children
p. 88 Gerasimov S. V. : Learning activity and comprehesion

Psychology and practice
p. 94 Romanov V. V. , Kroz M. V. : Psychological evaluation in professional selection for the office if Public Prosecutor: Modem state and perspectives
p. 108 Grigorieva M. N. : Pedological practical inheritance from psychologist-practitioner's point of view
p. 115 Trofimova I. N. : The prognosis of human behavior as a result of expert psychodiagnostical system use

Psychological consultation
p. 122 Veraksa N. E. : The model of standpoint teaching of students

Thematic reports
p. 130 Belous V. V. : Structural-funcional characteristics of integral individuality
p. 136 Ginetsinsky V. I. : Extracting and interpretation of psychological basic notions

p. 144 Mashin V. A. : Concerning two levels of psychic regulation in human behavior

In other ˝ountries
p. 150 Orlov A. B. : Ontopsychology: Principal ideas, purposes, concepts and methods
p. 156 : International conference calendar (in Russian)
p. 157 : Summaries
p. 160 : Our authors (in Russian)