Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 3 Stetsenko A. P. , Little T. , Oettingen G. , Baltes P. : Agency, control and means-ends beliefs about school performance in schoolchildren: Cross-cultural study
p. 23 Antonova N. V. : Teacher's identity and his communicative features
p. 30 Morosanova V. I. : Self-regulating styles of students with different types of character accentuations
p. 38 Brutman V. I. , Radionova M. S. : The forming of mother's affection to a child during pregnancy

Psychology in high school
p. 48 Isaev E. I. : The problem of teacher's psychological education projecting

Thematic reports
p. 58 Kossov B. B. : Personality: Actual problems of systematic approach
p. 69 Pines D. : The psychoanalytic dialogue: Transference and countertransference
p. 77 Moskvin V. A. : Hemispheric asymmetry and problems of colour perception

Memorable dates
p. 83 Krylov A. A. , Kunitsina V. N. , Loginova H. A. : To the 90th anniversary of remarkable Russian psychologist B. G. Anan'ev

History of psychology
p. 89 Gindilis N. L. : C. G. Jung's analitical psychology: On selfness understanding
p. 96 Botsmanova M. E. , Guseva E. P. : Nikolay Alexandrovich Rybnikov

Experimental research
p. 109 Malykh S. B. : Genetic determination of human EEG studies

Critical review and bibliography
p. 131 Kondrat'ev M. Yu. , Kochetkova T. N. : Practice-oriented psychology: Overcoming the barier between fundamental science and practice (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 135 : I International conference dedicated to A. R. Luria's memory (in Russian)
p. 139 Shchedrina E. V. : Conference of psychologists of Moscow educational institutions (in Russian)
p. 140 : Conference calendar (in Russian)

Official information
p. 141 : The bonuses for educators (RF President's Bill) (in Russian)

Our anniversaries
p. 143 : O. G. Kukosyan is 75 years old (in Russian)
p. 144 : To E. A. Golubeva's anniversary (in Russian)
p. 150 : To the 70th anniversary of A. M. Matyushkin (in Russian)
p. 156 : Summaries
p. 158 : Index of publications in 1997 (in Russian)
p. 161 : Our authors (in Russian)