To the 70-th anniversary of the Great October Revolution
p. 5 Nikolskaya A. A. , Radzihovsky L. A. : Advances in the USSR developmental and educational psychology during the 70 years of the Soviet State

Theoretical research
p. 15 Petrovsky A. V. : Development of personality and the problem of the leading activity

Educational and developmental psychology
p. 27 Tyshkowa M. : Study of tolerance to difficult situations as a feature in the personality of children and adolescents
p. 34 Batarshev A. B. : Effects of methods and forms of teaching on intellectual development of students of vocational training schools
p. 37 Yadryshnikova T. L. : Psychological peculiarities of the professional education of a foreman in a vocational training school
p. 44 Dyatchenko O. M. : Ways of promoting imagination in schoolchildren
p. 51 Kotaskova J. : Longitudinal study of development of some personality characteristics in children
p. 56 Hrabal V. : Some issues in the learning motivation of schoolchildren

Psychology and educational practice
p. 60 : Computer in teaching: Psychological-pedagogical problems (round-table talk) (in Russian)
p. 84 : Review of round-table talk on psychological-pedagogical problems of computerisation of school education (in Russian)
p. 89 Shenshev L. V. : Computerization of school education as a complex problem

Psychological consultation
p. 99 Nikoliukina M. I. : Ways to increase pupils' activity at the lessons on "Ethics and psychology of the family life"

Thematic reports and contributions
p. 103 Komlev N. G. : Language as a means of education
p. 111 Gavrilov V. E. : Modular approach to psychological classification of professions for the purposes of vocational orientation
p. 118 Filippov A. V. , Kovalev S. V. : Study of the motivation for refreshing training in the administrative personnel

To help an applied psychologist
p. 128 Kronik A. A. , Horoshilova E. A. : Diagnostics of mutual understanding in significant relations

Experimental research
p. 138 Adashinskaya G. A. , Ramendik D. M. , Tikhomirov . . : Selectivity in the use of computers
p. 144 Shcheglova . . : Forming professional orientation in students by means of optimization of the leadership structure in their groups
p. 148 Sardzhveladze N. I. : Study of some group processes by the method of fixed set

Experimental methods and apparatus
p. 154 Rapatsevich E. S. , Pachinin V. I. : A device for the study of mnemic processes
p. 156 Bogoyavlenskaya D. . , Tiurin P. T. : An attempt to design a method of studying intellectual activity in graphic arts
p. 159 Andreev A. N. , Mdivani M. O. , Ryzhonkin Y. Y. : A procedure for measuring the communicative distance

In other countries
p. 162 Apter M. J. : Reversal theory and human activity

Brief book reviews
p. 169 Kulikov V. N. : Gratz Ya. Belief. Interpersonal influence (in Russian)
p. 170 Etkind A. M. : Antaki . , Brewin . Attributions and psychological change (in Russian)

Critical review and bibliography
p. 172 Romenets V. A. : Communicating with primary sources (in Russian)
p. 176 Kovalev G. A. : Social-psychological problems of personality development in the child (in Russian)
p. 178 Volkov I. P. : Psychological preparation of sportsmen (in Russian)

Events in science
p. 180 Umrihin V. V. : Meeting dedicated to B. M. Teplov's 90-th anniversary (in Russian)
p. 182 Radzihovsky L. A. : Development of social responsibility in adolescents (in Russian)
p. 183 : To the 85-th anniversary of G. D. Piryov (in Russian)
p. 184 : To the 80-th anniversary of V. I. Selivanov (in Russian)
p. 185 : To the 60-th anniversary of B. F. Lomov (in Russian)
p. 187 : To the 60-th anniversary of Y. K. Babansky (in Russian)

From editorial mail
p. 188 Gomoyunov K. K. : On latent period of learning (in Russian)
p. 189 : Summaries
p. 192 : Our authors (in Russian)