"Round table"
p. 3 : Psychology of the XXI century: prophecy and prognoses

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 36 Egorova M. S. : Comparison of divergent and convergent peculiarities of cognitive sphere of children (age and genetic analysis)
p. 46 Manelis N. G. , Kasatkin V. N. , Gorina I. S. , Vinogradova N. V. , Chirkova O. Yu. : Neuropsychological model of brain organization of higher psychic functions in children suffering bronchial asthma
p. 53 Dubinko N. A. : Social competence and aggression manifestation in junior school age
p. 58 Lysjuk L. G. : On the development of goal-setting in productive activities of 2-4-year-olds
p. 67 : Conference calendar (in Russian)

Thematic reports
p. 68 Mitina O. V. , PetrenkoV. F. : Cross-cultural study of stereotypes in female behavior
p. 87 Bendas T. V. : Gender investigations of leadership
p. 96 Bouyakas T. M. : Personality development in conditions of work of selfcomprehension with the help of symbols

History of psychology
p. 109 Chouprikova N. I. : Ideas on development in the works of Russian thinkers of the end of XIX - the beginning of XX century

Experimental methods
p. 126 Burlachuk L. F. , Koroljov L. K. : Adaptation of The Big Five Locator scale
p. 134 : Conference calendar (continued) (in Russian)

In other countries
p. 135 Pavlenko V. N. : Ideas on correlation of social and personality identity in modern western psychology

From work experience
p. 142 Rjumshina L. I. : Empirical study of pedagogical activity styles

Scientific events
p. 150 Shchedrina E. V. : Discussion of problems of emergency psychological help (in Russian)
p. 151 : 40 years of El'konin - Davydov's theory of developing education (in Russian)
p. 154 : To the centenary of the first publication of Z. Freud's book "Die Traumdeutung" (in Russian)
p. 155 : Museum of Z. Freud's dreams (in Russian)

Editorial mail
p. 156 : Cognition concepts and education systems (in Russian)
p. 159 : Summaries