Theoretical research
p. 5 Osnitsky A. K. : The experience of a study: subject activity of a student

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 20 Polivanova K. N. : Psychological content of adolescence

Psychology and practice
p. 34 Kabardov M. K. , Artsyshevskaya E. V. : The types of linguistic and communicative abilities and competence

Thematic reports
p. 50 Tokareva M. Y. , Dontsov A. I. : Minority as a source of social influence
p. 62 Pryazhnikov N. S. : Vocational identity formation in cultural- historical perspective
p. 72 Trofimova I. N. : Individual differences from the point of view of evolutional-synergic approach

History of psychology
p. 85 Bogdanchikov S. A. : Why was G. I. Chelpanov discharged? (Historiography of the fact)

Experimental research
p. 97 Shcheblanova E. I. , Averina I. S. , Heller C. A. , Perleth C. : Gifted students identification as the first stage in longitude study of giftedness
p. 108 Augenberg I. V. : Dynamics of the formation of psycho-physical scales in schoolchildren
p. 115 Bykova L. C. , Kravtsov K. G. , Gulinskaya O. A. , Kulikov M. A. : The comparison of dichotic test results in junior schoolchildren (boarding school for blind children and common school pupils)

In other countries
p. 124 Ermakova E. S. : The study of psychological mechanism of preschooler's thinking flexibility
p. 131 Antonova N. V. : Personal identity in foreign social psychology

Critical review and bibliography
p. 143 : Brief book review (in Russian)
p. 148 : New journals (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 150 Arestova O. N. : IV European psychological congress (in Russian)
p. 155 : G. K. Sereda (necro) (in Russian)
p. 157 : Summaries
p. 161 : Our authors (in Russian)