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To the 70-th anniversary of the Great October Revolution
p. 14 Prokoliyenko L. N. : Some conclusions concerning development of the science of psychology in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
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Educational and developmental psychology
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p. 62 Babushkin G. D. : Relations between the professional interest and the inclination for pedagogical activity
p. 70 : Psychological problems of teachers' creativity (round-table talk) (in Russian)

Psychology and educational practice
p. 71 Kalmykova Z. I. : Does V. F. Shatalov's teaching method lead to more efficient productive thinking?
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p. 92 Lunkov A. I. : Perception of scientific notions and illustrations as a function of organization of the scientific text.

Psychological consultation
p. 99 Kondratiev M. Y. : Interrelation between the personal authority of a teacher and the authority of the teacher's role

Thematic reports and contributions
p. 104 Isenina E. I. : Initial stage in the development of speech: Problems and hypotheses
p. 113 Kreslavsky E. S. : Overweight and physical image of Self

Experimental research
p. 118 Ermakova E. S. : Study of flexibility of thinking in children
p. 122 Karakozov R. R. : Development of meaning in the process of reading belletristics
p. 128 Tkhostov A. S. , Stepanovich D. A. : Effect of a critical life situation on the structure of self-estimation
p. 134 Gostev A. A. , Petukhov ┬. ╠. : Measurement and factorization of characteristics of secondary images

Experimental methods and apparatus
p. 142 Evdokimov V. I. : Projective aviation test in professional psychodiagnostics
p. 146 Bartashnikov A. A. : Content validity of tests specific to particular kinds of intellectual activity

In other countries
p. 152 Ageyev V. S. : Social and psychological functions of sex-role stereotypes
p. 158 Repina T. A. : Analysis of sex-role socialization theories existing in present-day Western psychology

Brief book reviews
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Critical review and bibliography
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Events in science
p. 182 Talyzina N. F. : The first International Congress dedicated to the theory of activity (in Russian)
p. 185 Kotik M. A. : Psychological problems of safety in work (in Russian)
p. 186 Orlov └. ┬. , Shchur V. G. : The results of All-union scientific-practical conference "The development of teacher's initiative and creativeness during school reform" (in Russian)
p. 188 : Summaries
p. 192 : Our author's (in Russian)