To the 70-th anniversary of the Great October Revolution
p. 5 Kriagzhde S. P. : Advances in the development of fundamental and applied psychology in the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic
p. 12 Zhabitskaya L. G. : Psychology in the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic

At the plenary meeting of the Central Council of the USSR Society of psychologists
p. 18 Bodaliov A. A. , Demidova S. I. : On the psychological-pedagogical provision of the reform of general-educational and professional school (review of the data collected by the Coordination Board attached to the Presidium of the USSR APN)
p. 27 : Speeches and the Resolution (in Russian)

Theoretical research
p. 33 Gilbukh Y. Z. : The concept of proximal zone of development and its possible role in solution of urgent problems in educational psychology
p. 41 Kovalev G. A. : Three paradigms in psychology - three strategies of psychological influence

Educational and developmental psychology
p. 50 Slobodskaya E. R. , Plusnin Y. M. : Intragroup mechanisms in socialization of toddlers
p. 57 Smirnova E. O. , Roshka G. N. : Role of communication with an adult in development of the object-manipulatory activity of a first-year-old child
p. 64 Semenova M. A. : Development of a general method of solving tasks of a particular class under conditions of collective work
p. 70 Labunskaya V. A. : Some developmental peculiarities of the ability for psychological interpretation, on the non-verbal behavior

Psychology and educational practice
p. 78 Bogoyavlenskaya D. B. : Psychological analysis of the educational generalization in S. N. Lysenkova's system
p. 85 Chirkova T. I. : Psychological-pedagogical analysis of adults' addresses to children
p. 91 Samarova O. V. : Communication while learning a foreign language, and emotionality

Psychological consultation
p. 97 Shkolnik L. S. , Kostenko N. V. , Manayev . . , Saar A. A. : Educational use of the TV informational-publicistic broadcasts for adolescents

Out of practical experience
p. 102 Pahalian V. E. : Psychological-pedagogical consultation at school

Thematic reports and contributions
p. 108 Batyshev S. Y. : Perspectives in the professional-technical education
p. 115 Tarasov G. S. : On the communicative nature of musical abilities

p. 122 Radzihovsky L. A. : On practical work in psychological fields

Experimental research
p. 128 Samoylenko E. S. : Operation of comparison in speech communication
p. 133 Gankova Z. A. : Development of the proving reasoning in youth
p. 135 Shapirstein G. Ya. : Role of the object content of activity in the interaction of sets
p. 139 Smirnov A. I. : Professiographic aspects of decision-making in vocational choice
p. 142 Nizharadze G. A. : Experimental study of certain types of the rigidity of thinking
p. 145 Sergienko L. P. , Korenevich V. P. : Prediction of the speed of motor learning on the basis of genetic markers

In other countries
p. 150 Leontiev D. A. : Development of the self-actualization concept in A. Maslow's work
p. 158 Stetsenko A. P. : Some trends in the study of language and communication in present-day Western psychology
p. 165 Lingart J. , Tourkova M. : Improvements in the initial stages of teaching to read

Brief book reviews
p. 168 Vasiliuk F. E. : Tatelbaum J. The courage to grief. (in Russian)
p. 169 Rogovin M. S. : Sarris V. , Pardussi A. The future of experimental psychology. (in Russian)
p. 172 Bahman T. K. : Bouma H. , Bouwhuis D. G. (eds. ) Attention and performance. (in Russian)
p. 173 Rubtsov V. V. : Piriov G. Psychology and psychodiagnostic of intelligens (in Russian)
p. 174 Liders A. G. : Oerter R. , Montada L. Entwicklungspsychologie. (in Russian)

Critical review and bibliography
p. 176 Zimnyaya I. A. : Opening the secrets of punctuational literacy (in Russian)

Events in science
p. 179 : Toward the VII-th Congress of the USSR Society of psychologists (in Russian)
p. 181 Zhdan A. N. : The state and perspectives in the history of domestic psychology (in Russian)
p. 185 : About Carl Ransom Rogers (in Russian)

From editorial mail
p. 187 Palagina N. N. : Analysis of general learning abilities and habits (in Russian)
p. 188 : Summaries
p. 192 : Our authors (in Russian)