To the 85th anniversary of Psychological Institute
p. 3 Rubtsov V. V. : Psychological science and education in L. G. Shchukina Psychological Institute
p. 8 Yaroshevsky M. G. : Two scientific schools in Russian psychologists' paternal house
p. 12 : The addresses received by Psychological Institute on its 85th anniversary (in Russian)

Theoretical research
p. 18 Lazarev V. S. : Psychic development in cultural-historical theory of activity
p. 27 Khomskaya E. D. : The study of psyche biological basis from neuropsychologic point of view

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 39 Yakimanskaya I. S. : Educational programs providing personal development principles and methods of construction
p. 48 Chirkov V. I. , Deci E. L. : Students' extrinsic and intrinsic aspirations, parent and teacher perceptions as connected to their psychic health
p. 57 Shiyan A. B. : Anticipatory image in the structure of schoolchildren's thinking

Psychology and practice
p. 67 Gorbacheva E. I. : Object orientation of thinking as the basis of semantic selectivity

Thematic reports
p. 75 Maryutina T. M. : The heredity models in manual asymmetry formation
p. 83 Ivanova T. V. : Ecological values in social consciousness

To the 200th anniversary of A. S. Pushkin
p. 89 Sirotkina I. E. : A. S. Pushkin: the pages of Russian publishings on psychology and psychiatry

History of psychology
p. 99 Martsinkovskaya T. D. , Yaroshevsky M. G. : Unknown pages of G. I. Chelpanov's works

In other countries
p. 107 Pervova I. L. : Diagnostics and treatment of depression in children and adolescents
p. 116 : Brief book review (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 118 : Anniversary session in Psychological Institute (in Russian)
p. 120 : Conference calendar (in Russian)

Our anniversaries
p. 121 : To the anniversary of G. M. Andreeva (in Russian)
p. 122 : To the anniversary of D. A. Farber (in Russian)
p. 123 : To the 75th anniversary of A. V. Petrovsky (in Russian)
p. 127 : Summaries
p. 129 : Our Authors (in Russian)