Theoretical research
p. 5 Smirnova E. O. : Interpersonal relations: Ontogenetic approach

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 16 Muhamedrakhimov R. H. : Mother - child interaction
p. 26 Gordeyeva O. V. : The development of the child's conception of emotional ambivalence

Psychology and practice
p. 37 Nekrasova Yu. B. : Mental states: Their correction and formation
p. 42 Karpova N. L. : Organization of motivational inclusion of stammerers and their relatives in socio-rehabilitative process
p. 45 Romanov O. I. , Ivannikova I. V. : The experience of divergent behavior prevention by psychological prevention program in "difficult" form
p. 49 Myasoyed I. A. : The problem of non-normative mental development
p. 57 Formanyuk T. V. : Psychodiagnostics of teachers' professional maladaptation ("emotional burnout" syndrome)
p. 64 Pryazhnikova E. Yu. : The problem of vocational self-determination in pedagogical college professors

Thematic reports
p. 74 Feigenberg E. I. , Asmolov A. G. : Cultural-historical analysis and the possibility of using non-verbal communication in rehabilitative personal education
p. 80 Ivanchenko S. N. , Malykh S. B. : The nature of variability in characteristics of sensory-motor reactions in different conditions

p. 87 Yaroshevsky M. G. : Sechenov's innovation: Historical fact or "stalinist fiction"? (An answer to American sovetologist D. Joravsky)

Experimental research
p. 99 Kornilova T. V. : Personal factors of decision making diagnostics
p. 110 Kondakov I. M. , Oushnev S. V. : Experimental study of implicit theories of reading

In other countries
p. 118 Krippner S. : Spiritual dimensions of psychotherapy and healing
p. 134 Shcheblanova E. I. , Averina I. S. : Contemporary modem longitudinal studies of giftedness
p. 140 Murayama S. : Children and school in an epoch of abundance

Critical review and bibliography
p. 148 Konopkin O. A. : Subjectiveness phenomenon in personality psychology (in Russian)

Events in science
p. 151 Vil'davskaya L. M. , Shapiro A. Z. : 6 World Conference on family psychotherapy (in Russian)
p. 153 : Index of articles published in "Voprosy psykhologii" in 1994 (in Russian)
p. 156 : Summaries
p. 159 : Our authors (in Russian)