Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 3 Sobkin V. S. , Marich E. M. : A structural analysis of value orientations in parents of pre-school children
p. 12 Ermakov D. S. : Ecological problems in children's drawings

Psychology and practice
p. 17 Gutkina N. I. : The instrumental method in child therapy
p. 27 Lokalova N. P. : Psychological development as part of education

Thematic reports
p. 41 Sidorenkov A. V. : Psychological contradictions in a small group
p. 50 Kossov B. B. : Some laws of perception, differentiation and identification of simple and complex objects
p. 61 Kletsina I. S. : From psychology of sex towards gender studies in psychology
p. 79 Diakonov I. Yu. , Butovskaya M. L. : Dynamics of personal identification with the beggars' group

Experimental research
p. 90 Volovikova M. I. : Microsemantic analysis as a method of investigation of thinking and personality

p. 99 Guseltseva M. S. : Cultural historical psychology: From the classical to a post-non-classical image of the world

History of psychology
p. 116 Fedunina N. Yu. : The problem of personality in the works of Pierre Janet

Brief book reviews
p. 129 Shapiro A. Z. : Sirotkina I. Diagnosing literary genius. A cultural history of psychiatry in Russia (in Russian)

Critical review and bibliography
p. 131 Razhnikov V. G. : Another attempt at understanding personality (in Russian)
p. 133 Zadorozhniuk I. E. : A book on development of medical psychology and optimization of psychological health (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 136 Stepanova M. A. : P. Ya. Galperin's theory through the eyes of psychologists of the XXI century (in Russian)
p. 141 Leontiev D. A. , Yatsuta-Baronskaya E. I. : The first International conference on positive psychology (in Russian)
p. 143 Popova L. V. : VII conference of the European Council for High Abilities (in Russian)
p. 147 Zadorozhniuk I. E. : Economic psychologists on problems of socialization (in Russian)
p. 150 Martsinkovskaya T. D. : A "round table" on the problem of tolerance (in Russian)
p. 153 : Conference calendar (in Russian)

Editor mail
p. 154 Orlov A. B. : An open society: A psychologist's view (an open letter to G. Soros) (in Russian)
p. 159 : Summaries