p. 5 : Restructuring of psychology: problems, possible solutions (round-table talk - continued) (in Russian)

Theoretical studies
p. 20 Venger A. L. , Slobodchikov V. I. , Elkonin B. D. : Problems of developmental psychology and D. B. Elkonin's scientific work

Psychology to the reform of the school
p. 30 Yakobson S. G. , Doronova T. N. : Psychological principles of development of initial forms of learning in preschool children
p. 36 Mariutina T. M. , Meshkova T. A. , Gavrish N. V. : On correlation between properties of attention and academic achievements in 2-nd form schoolchildren

Educational and developmental psychology
p. 44 Loutchanskaya L. S. : Conscious acception of a learning situation by 6-7-uears-old children
p. 50 Baram D. P. : Typology of learning activities of senior schoolchildren
p. 58 Karpov Yu. V. : On correlation between developmental and functional stages of intelligence
p. 64 Aleshina Yu. E. , Konovodova A. S. : Relations between adolescents in a school collective
p. 71 Mislavskiy Yu. A. : Self-regulation and the creative personality

Psychology and educational practice
p. 79 Roubtsov V. V. , Nevouyeva L. Yu. , Polivanova N. I. , Rivina I. V. , Oulanovskaya I. M. , Sergeyeva T. A. , Tsoneva V. , Tcherniavskaya A. G. : Organization of instruction in classes equipped with micro-computers
p. 86 Regoush L. A. : Training of the facility of observation in teachers

Psychological consultation
p. 93 Maksimova N. Yu. : Diagnostics and correction of behavior in problem adolescents

Thematic reports and contributions
p. 100 Hokoun A. A. : Word-processors as means of teaching written speech
p. 106 Tikhomirova I. V. : Style and performance characteristics of abilities: Typological analysis
p. 115 Maltsev S. M. : On sub-sensory and sensorial-motor anticipation in the process of musical improvization

p. 123 Rozin V. M. : Culture and man's mental development

Experimental research
p. 132 Azarov V. N. : Structure of the impulsive and reflective styles of activity
p. 138 Kotchniev V. I. : Dynamics of the emotional reactivity in the course of learning the basics of acting

In other countries
p. 145 Makaroushkina M. A. , Aidman Ye. V. , Ivannlkov V. A. : The problem of will in foreign psychology
p. 153 Goralskiy A. : On the problem of creativity
p. 154 : Brief book reviews (in Russian)

Critical review and bibliography
p. 161 Belous V. V. : A new approach to the theory of the integral individuality (in Russian)
p. 163 Roubtsov V. V. : Theoretical and applied problems of the developing instruction (in Russian)
p. 165 Tishchenko S. P. , Fourman A. V. : Scientific heritage of A. S. Makarenko and psychology of personality development (in Russian)
p. 167 Goloubeva E. A. : On appearance and development of B. M. Teplov's school: From the viewpoint of scientology (in Russian)
p. 170 : In memory of P. Ya. Galperin (in Russian)

In memory of B. V. Zeigarnik
p. 171 : B. V. Zeigarnik (necro) (in Russian)
p. 172 Yaroshevskiy M. G. : In K. Lewin's school (out of talks with B. V. Zeigarnik) (in Russian)

Events in science
p. 180 Shchedrina E. V. : Goals of psychology in the restructuring period (in Russian)
p. 183 Khomskaya Ye. D. , Yenikolopova Ye. V. : Conference in memory of A. R. Luria (in Russian)
p. 186 : To the 70-th anniversary of N. S. Leites (in Russian)
p. 188 : Summaries
p. 191 : To the attention of authors (in Russian)
p. 192 : Our authors (in Russian)