Towards the 60-th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Education
p. 3 Nikandrov N. D. : 60 years of the Russian Academy of Education: Problems and perspectives
p. 7 Feldstein D. I. : Guidelines for the development of psychological research in education and self-education of modern man

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 17 Veraksa N. Ye. , Bulychiova A. I. : Development of mental giftedness in the preschool age
p. 31 : Conference calendar (in Russian)

Psychology and practice
p. 32 Rubtsov V. V. : The Service of Practical Psychology in Education: The current state and prospects for development
p. 40 Lokalova N. P. : Lessons in psychological development for junior adolescents
p. 52 Karimova L. I. : Ethnocultural specificity of perception of advertisements

Thematic reports
p. 56 Kashirskaya I. K. : A social psychological analysis of main sources of information and gender socialization
p. 63 Naumenko T. V. : Psychological methods of influencing mass audiences
p. 71 Kornilov A. P. : Self-regulatory disorders in psychopathic personalities
p. 81 Pronin I. P. : Psychological aspects of the effects of destructive cults on personality
p. 93 Vasilieva V. V. , Orlov V. I. , Sagamonova K. Yu. , Chernositov A. V. : Psychological characteristics of sterile women
p. 99 Musiychuk M. V. : On similarities between techniques of joking and those of constructing paradoxical tasks

p. 106 Stepanova M. A. : Intellectual ownership of "intellectual giftedness"

In other countries
p. 112 Stavropolsky Yu. V. : Models of ethnocultural identity in modern American psychology

Brief book review
p. 121 Byhovets U. V. , Shapiro A. Z. : Cohen E. S. , Rogovin S. A. Couple fits: How to live with the person you love (in Russian)
p. 123 Kukarkina E. V. , Shapiro A. Z. : Maxym C. , York L. Teens in turmoil. A path to change for parents, adolescents, and their families (in Russian)

Experimental research
p. 126 Gordeyeva N. D. , Korneyev A. A. , Fiodorova I. V. : Modification of the functional structure of an action in visual control disorders

Experimental methods and apparatus
p. 136 Koch K. : The Stroop effect, its psychometric properties and use as an assessment tool

Critical review and bibliography
p. 144 Lebedev A. N. : Russian scientists on the Soviet past of psychological science (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 147 Panov V. I. : The 3-rd Russian Conference on ecological psychology (in Russian)
p. 149 Liders A. G. , Shabelnikov V. K. : The All-Russia Conference "Psychological problems of the modern Russian family" (in Russian)

Our anniversaries
p. 151 : Congratulations! (in Russian)
p. 152 : Towards the 80-th anniversary of I. F. Miagkov (in Russian)
p. 155 : Summaries
p. 157 : Index of publications in 2003 (in Russian)