Theoretical research
p. 5 Yakimanskaya I. S. : Main trends in the study of thinking at the level of images
p. 17 Shekhter M. S. : Total perception and recognition learning
p. 29 Podolsky A. I. : Stage-by-stage formation of mental behavior in vocational training
p. 36 Dodonov B. I. : Personality as a system

Educational and developmental psychology
p. 46 Caliguzova L. N. : Development of the need for communication with age-peers in early childhood
p. 54 Marantsman V. G. : Age and individual differences in perception of literary texts by schoolchildren.
p. 61 Snegiriova T. V. : Perception of age-peers and of adults by adolescents and senior school-children

Psychology and educational practice
p. 71 : Psychological-pedagogical problems of education, teaching, and of vocational orientation of school-children (in Russian)
p. 104 Senko Yu. V. : Formation of knowledge acquisition patterns at a lesson

Psychological consultation
p. 110 Volkova A. N. , Trapeznikova T. M. : Psychological diagnosis of married couples

Memorable dates
p. 117 Dubovis D. M. , Khomenko ╩. ┼. : Psychology of artistic perception in A. V. Zaporozhets's work (to the 80-th anniversary)
p. 123 Drapkina S. E , Poliakova M. Ya. : To the history of establishing by V. M. Bekhterev of the psychophysiological laboratory at the Kazan university

Thematic reports and contributions
p. 127 Loginova L. N. : On the content of the notion of musical pitch

Experimental research
p. 133 Gorbachiova E. I. : An attempt to design a diagnostical criterium-referenced test
p. 139 Milrud R. P. : Psychological structure of teacher's statements in the process of instruction
p. 145 Akimova M. K. , Kozlova V. T. : Analysis of results obtained by means of criterion-referenced procedures
p. 151 Antonova I. P. : Specificity of development of memory in 6-7-years-old children in the process of learning

Experimental methods and apparatus
p. 158 Grebniak V. P. , Zhuchenko I. P. , Bebykh V. P. : Devices for the study of stability of operators' psychophysiological functions

In other countries
p. 162 Elfimova N. V. : Problems of motivation in cognitive psychology (in Russian)

Brief book reviews
p. 168 Dubinin N. P. , Kukarkin A. Z. : Lumsden Ch. J. , Wilson E. ╬. Promethean fire. Reflections on the origin of mind (in Russian)
p. 170 Kaptelinin V. N. : Wilkinson └. Đ. (ed ) Classroom computers and cognitive science (in Russian)

Critical review and bibliography
p. 172 Galperin P. Ya. : Valuable book on the problem of pathological development of personality (in Russian)
p. 174 Poddiakov N. N. : New reference book on psychology (in Russian)
p. 175 Artemieva E. Yu. : Psychological-pedagogical problems of communication (in Russian)

Events in science
p. 177 Kulikov L. V. : Discussion of B. F. Lomov's book "Methodological and theoretical problems of psychology" (in Russian)
p. 178 Abramenkova V. V. , Vorobiov A. V. : Experimental studies of the personality in a collective (in Russian)
p. 181 : To the 85-th anniversary of B. V. Zeigarnik (in Russian)
p. 182 : To the 70 the anniversary of M. B. Camezo (in Russian)

Out of the editorial mail
p. 183 : "Ethics and psychology of family life" in school (in Russian)
p. 184 : A. C. Puni (necro) (in Russian)
p. 185 : B. I. Dodonov (necro) (in Russian)
p. 186 : M. M. Mukanov (necro) (in Russian)
p. 187 : V. Ya. Dymersky (necro) (in Russian)
p. 188 : Results and rules of Allunion contest for young researchers in social sciences (in Russian)
p. 189 : Summaries
p. 192 : Our authors (in Russian)