To the 165-th anniversary of the birth of K. Marx and the centenary of his death
p. 5 Sherkovin Yu. A. , Evgenieva T. V. : K. Marx' theoretical heritage and political psychology

Theoretical research
p. 16 Golubeva E. A. : Some trends and perspectives in the study of natural bases of individual differences
p. 29 Petrenko V. F. : Psychosemantic study of motivation

Educational and developmental psychology
p. 40 Kaznova G. V. : Correlation of socially useful activity and communication in adolescents
p. 46 Novak Z. : Some issues in the study and prediction of verbal abilities in schoolchildren

Psychology and educational practice
p. 51 Kulyutkin Yu. N. : Psychological information for the teacher
p. 62 Suvorov A. V. : The problem of forming imagination in blind-deaf-and-dumb children
p. 73 Tarasov G. V. : Psychology of the educational-creative activity of the student of a performing art in a musical high school
p. 77 Shuman S. G. : Experience of organizing a psychological-pedagogical consultation

Psychological consultation
p. 83 Kalmykova E. S. : Psychological problems of the first years of marital life

Experimental research
p. 90 Dzhafarov E. N. , Allik Yu. K. , Linde N. D. : Detection of the oscillatory movement
p. 97 Akopov A. Yu. : Comparative study of predictive activity in preschool children, adults, and schizophrenic patients
p. 101 Doblayev L. P. : Concerning semantic relations between neighbouring sentences in a text
p. 106 Konovalov V. F. , Burkovetskaya Zh. I. : Peculiarities of functioning of the "biological clock" in schoolchildren
p. 112 Ivanova E. F. , Zaika E. V. : Storing of data in the logical memory
p. 117 : Information for authors (in Russian)

p. 118 Asmolov A. G. : On the subject-matter of the psychology of personality
p. 125 : Discussion of the report (in Russian)

Thematic reports and announcements
p. 131 Bodaliov A. A. : On studies of communication from V. N. Myasishchev's position
p. 135 Guberman Sh. A. : Computer vision and the theory of Gestalt

History of psychology
p. 143 Nikolskaya A. A. : Role of V. Preyer's work in the development of child's psychology (to the 100-th year since publication of V. Preyer's "Soul of the child")

In other countries
p. 149 Semenov V. V. : Psychogenetical studies of emotionality (in Russian)

Brief book reviews
p. 153 Liders A. G. : Oerter R. Moderne Entwicklungspsychologie (in Russian)
p. 155 Golod V. I. , Yurtaikin V. V. : Donaldson M. Children's minds (in Russian)
p. 156 Bleikher V. M. : Ivanov V. (in Russian)

Critical review and bibliography
p. 158 Shorokhova E. V. : Psychological analysis of the personality's moral stability (in Russian)
p. 159 Galperin P. Ya. : Roots and contemporary state of cognitive psychology (in Russian)

Events in science
p. 162 Shchedrina E. V. : Problem of activity in Soviet psychology (in Russian)
p. 165 Matyushkin A. M. : Meeting of the editors-in-chief of psychological magazines from Socialist countries (in Russian)
p. 166 Kovach D. : The ways of using psychology in practice (in Russian)
p. 167 Mishina T. V. : Discussion of the "Psychological magazine" (in Russian)
p. 168 : On the results of VII-th and on the preparation of the VIII-th All-Union competition among young researchers and experts in social sciences (in Russian)
p. 169 Voiskunsky A. E. , Gurieva L. P. : The use of computer in psychodiagnostics (in Russian)
p. 171 Zharikbayev K. B. , Shabelnikov V. K. , Podzolkov V. P. , Saparov I. A. : Psychology in Kazakhstan (in Russian)
p. 172 Ross Ya. : Perception of music by man (in Russian)
p. 173 : Summaries
p. 176 : Our authors (in Russian)