o the 165-th anniversary and 100-th year since the death of Karl Marx
p. 5 : Karl Marx and psychology in the USSR (in Russian)

Out of the history of Soviet psychology
p. 8 Rubinstein S. L. : Psychological issues in Karl Marx' works

Theoretical research
p. 25 Babayeva Yu. D. , Voiskunsky A. E. , Kobelev V. V. , Tikhomirov . . : Dialogue with a computer: Psychological aspects
p. 35 Semenov I. N. , Stepanov S. Yu. : Reflective thinking in the organization of creativity and in self-development of personality

Educational and developmental psychology
p. 43 Venger L. A. : Acquisition of the capacity for mediated solving of problems and development in children of cognitive abilities
p. 51 Kudryavtsev T. V. , Shegurova V. Yu. : Theoretical-experimental analysis of the dynamics of professional self-determination of personality
p. 60 Kolominsky Ya. L. : Differentiation of social psychology and some problems of education
p. 68 Bolbochanu A. V. : Effect of communication with adults on the ability to behave internally in early childhood

Psychology and educational practice
p. 74 Lyublinskaya A. A. : A system of attitudes as a basis of moral educatedness of an individual
p. 79 Shteinmets A. E. : Development of empathy in psychological training of future teachers
p. 84 : "Round-table talk" on psychological-pedagogical problems of a textbook (in Russian)

Psychological consultation
p. 85 Petrovskaya L. A. , Spivakovskaya A. S. : Education as dialogic communication

Thematic reports and contributions
p. 90 Esaulov A. F. : Genesis and some regularities of creativity
p. 96 Kagan V. E. : Clinical-psychological aspects of the communication ontogenesis

Memorable dates
p. 101 Talyzina N. F. : Elaboration of Marxist psychology by A. N. Leontiev

Experimental studies
p. 106 Etkind A. M. : Emotional components of self-reports and of inter-personal judgements
p. 113 Burmenskaya G. V. , Kurbatova M. B. : Experimental-psychological analysis of J. Piaget s method of "cognitive teaching"
p. 118 Zaltsman A. M. : On the mechanism of pitch perception
p. 124 Temper Yu. B. : A phenomenon of activation of imitative activity in hypnosis

Experimental methods and apparatus
p. 126 Kapustin S. A. : A procedure for registration of pressure in writing
p. 129 Marianovich A. T. : A procedure for dynamic study of attention

Scientific reviews
p. 130 Mirtov Yu. N. : Apparent movement: phenomenology, determinants, mechanisms

History of psychology
p. 139 Tutunjyan . . : Works of L. S. Vygotsky in the North America

In other countries
p. 143 Ailamazian A. M. , Lebedeva M. M. : Business games and the use of them in psychological studies (in Russian)

Brief book reviews
p. 150 Ageyev V. S. : West S. G. , Wicklund R. A. A primer of social psychological theories. Slawski C. J. Social psychological theories: A comparative handbook for students (in Russian)
p. 151 Slutsky V. M. : Kollerman H. Group psychotherapy and personality: Intersecting structures (in Russian)
p. 152 Allik Yu. K. , Rauk M. : Lian A. The psychological study of object perception. Examination of methodological problems and a critique of main research approaches (in Russian)
p. 153 Leibin V. M. : Locan J. The four fundamental conceptions of psychoanalysis (in Russian)
p. 155 Rubtsov V. V. , Gromyko Yu. V. : Perret-Clermant A. -N. Social interaction and cognitive development in children (in Russian)

Critical review and bibliography
p. 157 Panferov V. N. : Psychology of interpersonal cognition at a new stage (in Russian)
p. 158 Volkov I. P. : A text-book on psychohygienic education of children and adolescents (in Russian)
p. 160 Tulviste P. : Problems of historical psychology (in Russian)

Events in science
p. 162 : The VI-th ll-Union Congress of the USSR Society of psychologists (in Russian)
p. 163 Mishina T. V. : Discussion of the magazine "Voprosy psykhologii" (in Russian)
p. 164 Zakharova A. V. : The 2-nd All-Union Conference on educational psychology (in Russian)
p. 167 : To the 80-th anniversary of Ye. N. Kabanova-Meller (in Russian)
p. 168 : To the 70-th anniversary of P. A. Prosetsky (in Russian)
p. 169 Kondakov I. M. , Shegurova V. Yu. : Discussion on psychology of personality (in Russian)
p. 170 : Vladimir Alekseyevich Artemov (necro) (in Russian)
p. 175 : Our authors (in Russian)