p. 5 Bodalev A. A. : Urgent issues in developmental and educational psychology

In the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences
p. 11 Shapovalenko S. G. : Research connected with introduction of electronic-computational engineering, microprocessor engineering, and programming into school practice

Theoretical research
p. 16 Shmelev A. G. : The concept of meaning systems in experimental
p. 29 Subbotsky E. V. : Moral development in a pre-school child

Educational and developmental psychology
p. 39 Yakobson S. G. , Kurbanov R. A. : Specificity of moral requirements and estimation of age-peers in pre-school children
p. 46 Zukerman G. A. , Fokina N. E. : Behavior of younger schoolchildren in collective school activities
p. 54 Mikulinskaya M. Ya. : Levels of understanding sentences, and ways to reveal them
p. 62 Uliyenkova U. V. : Study of psychological preparedness of six-year olds for school

Psychology and educational practice
p. 70 Beder Ya. : Psychological correction of defective self-regulation in retarder children
p. 72 Olkinuora E. : Psychological analysis of difficulties in learning activity of schoolchildren
p. 77 : Psychological-pedagogical problems of creating and using textbooks (Round-table discussion) (in Russian)

Psychological consultation
p. 96 Ruzskaya A. G. , Abramova L. N. : How should one take complaints of the kindergarten children

Experimental studies
p. 104 Mirakian A. I. : Constancy and functional lability of perception
p. 111 Smirnov G. A. : Concerning structurality of texts
p. 113 Bardin K. V. , Gorbacheva T. P. , Sadov V. A. , Tszen N. V. : A phenomenon of compensatory discrimination
p. 119 Gagoshidze T. Sh. , Khomskaya E. D. : Neuropsychological study of the visual pictorial thinking

Experimental methods and apparatus
p. 128 Starikov I. M. : Effect of the method of indication of the evaluation mark by a controlling-teaching device on the efficiency of learning

Thematic reports and contributions
p. 132 Dontsov A. I. : Group: psychology and etymology
p. 137 Gokhlerner M. M. , Eyger H. W. : Psychological mechanisms of the language sense
p. 142 Lange V. N. : On the speed of forgetting

p. 146 Bakanov E. N. , Ivannikov V. A. : On the nature of incentives

In other countries

Brief book reviews
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p. 160 : Concise psychological dictionary (in Russian)

Critical review and bibliography
p. 161 Yaroshevsky M. G. : From social psychology to psychology of personality (in Russian)
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Events in science
p. 165 : UNECSO International seminar on the problem of learning abilities and cognitive activity (in Russian)
p. 168 Dubrovina I. V. , Bozhovich E. D. : Psychology and educational practice (in Russian)
p. 169 Mikadze Yu. V. : The first school of young specialists in medical psychology (in Russian)
p. 171 Kovalev G. A. , Labunskaya V. A. , Yatsenko T. S. : Problems in psychology of communication (in Russian)
p. 172 : Results of the contest for the best article published in "Voprosi Psikhologii" in 1982 (in Russian)
p. 173 : Summaries
p. 176 : Our authors (in Russian)