p. 5 Petrovskiy A. V. : Education and tutoring: Goals of RAE (in Russian)
p. 6 : Christian view on human being and on education (Moscow and All Russia Patriarch Alexiy) (in Russian)

Theoretical research
p. 9 Znakov V. V. : Untruth, lie and deception as comprehension psychology problem

Pedagogical and developmental psychology
p. 17 Galiguzova L. N. : Creative manifestations in young children's play
p. 26 Lysuk L. G. : Some characteristics of early stages of consciousness ontogenesis
p. 35 Tsukerman G. A. , Elizarova N. V. , Frumina M. , Tchudinova E. V. : Learning collaboration training

Psychology and practice
p. 44 Gul'dan V. V. , Romanova O. L. , Sidenko ╬. ╩. : Teenager-addict and his social surroundings
p. 49 Hazanova M. A. : The problem of acceptance in psychotherapeutic counselling
p. 54 Zaika E. V. : The complex of games for imagination development

Thematic reports
p. 63 Vinogradova T. V. , Semenov V. V. : Comparative study of male and female cognitive sphere: Biological and social factors and their role
p. 72 Granik G. G. , Samsonova A. N. : The role of attitudes in cognition of the text: Reading fiction
p. 80 Korenberg V. B. : Problem solving, ability, skill

Memorable dates
p. 86 Bodalev A. A. : Psychology of interpersonal communication: On the 100-th anniversary of V. N. Myasishchev
p. 91 : Speeches and addresses on Psychological Institute opening

Experimental research
p. 93 Martinovich G. A. : An example of complex study of associative experiment data
p. 100 Monosova A. J. , Homskaya E. D. : Emotional sphere study by means of odours evaluation
p. 106 Plusnin Yu. M. , Bogatyreva O. A. , Bichenkova O. E. : Spatial behavior and social status of a child in the kindergarten

Critical review and bibliography
p. 117 Shchedrina E. V. : American Psychological Association

Events in science
p. 121 : Conference calendar (in Russian)

Out of working experience
p. 122 Moiseenko L. A. : Psychological readiness of an engineer to use a computer (in Russian)

p. 126 : Summaries

Our authors
p. 128 : Our authors (in Russian)