Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 3 Jasvin V. A. : Psychological-pedagogical correction of subjective attitude towards nature in ecological education
p. 14 Tarasov S. V. : Psychological analysis of student's ideological categorical structure
p. 21 Sidorenkov A. V. : Possible directions of psychological-pedagogical influence on learning groups

Psychology and practice
p. 30 Figdor G. : Is the school able to assist adolescents on probation?
p. 42 Prokhorov A. O. , Gening G. N. : Special features of junior schoolchildren psychic states .

Thematic reports
p. 54 Shtrooh V. A. : Defense mechanisms: From individual toward group
p. 61 Bogdanov N. N , Samishchenko S. S. , Khvylya-Olinter A. I. : Dermatoglyphic patterns in serial killers
p. 65 Gavrilitsa O. A. : Working woman's feeling of guilt

p. 71 Bratus' B. S. : Double existence of soul and the possibility of Christian psychology
p. 79 Bermus A. G. : Natural-scientific paradigm in psychology: The choice of reference-points

Memorable dates
p. 84 Leytex N. S. : Children's psychologist P. P. Kaptcrev (To the 150m anniversary)
p. 94 Martsinkovskaya T. D. , Poleva N. S. : The role of State academy of artistic sciences in B. M. Teplov's scientific fate
p. 102 Davydov V. V. , Kudryavtsev V. T. : Life and scientific work of T. V. Kudryavtsev (to the 70th anniversary)

Experimental research
p. 111 Shcheblanova E. I. : Longitudinal study of development in gifted pupils of primary school

In other countries
p. 123 Torshina K. A : Creativity studies in modem foreign psychology
p. 133 : Brief book review (in Russian)

Critical review and bibliography
p. 135 Ouzilevsky G. Ya. : Organical psychology: Actual, necessary, useful (in Russian)
p. 137 Davydov V. V : A new textbook on developmental psychology (in Russian)
p. 138 Mit'kin A. A. : Psychology of intellectual development: A new system paradigm (in Russian)

Our anniversaries
p. 143 : N. S. Leytcs is 80 years old (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 148 : Psychological, philosophical and axiological problems of purpose of life (in Russian)
p. 151 : Presentation of "Deep psychology encyclopedia" (in Russian)

Out of official information
p. 152 : In Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fond (in Russian)
p. 157 : Summaries
p. 161 : Our authors (in Russian)