p. 5 Andreeva G. M. : Social-psychological aspects of activating the human factor

Theoretical research
p. 16 Ponomarenko V. A. , Alioshin S. V. , Vorona A. A. : Mental imagery in vocational instruction

Educational and developmental psychology
p. 29 Lipkina A. I. : Subject-dialogical reflectivity as a factor in moral-motivational development of the schoolchild
p. 35 Reznitchenko M. A. : Specificity of self-estimation in senior schoolchildren as developed in mastering methods of learning
p. 44 Daunis I. B. : Correlation between personality and the level of goal control of activity in pre-schoolers
p. 53 Iziumova S. A. : Mnemonic abilities and acquisition of knowledge in school

Psychology and educational practice
p. 63 Slastenin V. A. , Tamarina N. V. : Psychological problems of preparing a teacher for collective work

Psychologtcal consultation
p. 71 Verenikina I. M. : Surmounting of possible conflicts during the lesson between the teacher and the class

Thematic reports and contributions
p. 78 Chudnovsky V. E. : Urgent problems in the psychology of abilities
p. 90 Rozov A. I. : Problems of categorization: Theory and applications
p. 97 Gomoyunov . . : On precision in definition of notions
p. 103 Velichkovsky . . , Blinnikova I. V. , Lapin Ye. A. : Representation of real and imaginary space

p. 113 Belous V. V. : Concerning the study of influence of the type of temperament on efficiency of individual and common activity

Experimental research
p. 121 Stepanova L. P. , Rozhdestvenskaya V. I. : Peculiarities of fitness for work under conditions of monotony
p. 127 Artemyeva Ye. Yu. , Vyatkin Yu. G. : Psychosemantic methods of describing a profession
p. 133 Petrenko V. F. : Semantic analysis of professional stereotypes
p. 143 Routman E. M. , Kochubey B. I. : Mechanisms of adaptation to highly intensive stimuli
p. 150 Bochkariov L. L. : Social-perceptual mechanisms of musical experience
p. 158 Shlychkova A. N. : Involuntary and voluntary memorization of meaningful material by senior schoolchildren'

In other countries
p. 163 Znakov V. V. : Basic directions in the study of understanding in the foreign psychology (in Russian)

Brief book reviews
p. 171 Shcherbo N. P. : Janoushek J. Joint activity and communication (in Russian)
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Critical review and bibliography
p. 175 Markova A. K. : Urgent problems in the teaching of adults (in Russian)
p. 176 Zimnyaya I. A. : Psychology of teaching the written speech (in Russian)

Events in science
p. 179 Logvinenko A. D. , Fokina R. A. : Conference-seminar of heads of psychological and pedagogical chairs of this country's higher educational establishments (in Russian)
p. 182 Iliusizova S. M. : Problems of development of educational and age psychology in Kazakhstan (in Russian)
p. 183 Shouman S. G. : Scientific-practical conference on psychological-pedagogical ensuring of the school reform (in Russian)

Out of practical experience
p. 185 Khvostenko L. I. , Tcherkashin G. S. : Factory family consultation (in Russian)
p. 189 : Summaries
p. 192 : Our authors (in Russian)