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Theoretical studies
p. 15 Zintchenko V. P. : The development of sight in the context of the prospects of the general spiritual development of an individual

Educational and developmental psychology
p. 31 Feldstein D. I. : Psychological characteristics of personality development in adolescence
p. 41 Tchuprikova N. I. : On the nature of the non-retention phenomena in Piaget tasks
p. 52 Dyatchenko ╬. M. : On the main directions in the imagination development of a preschooler

Psychology and educational practice
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Psychological consultation
p. 71 Akimova M. K. , Kozlova V. T. : Taking into account of psychological differences of schoolchildren in the learning process

Thematic reports and contributions
p. 78 Dashkova S. S. : Psychological-historical peculiarities of the conception of man in Leonardo da Vinci's creative work
p. 85 Ilyin Ye. P. : Style of creativity: new approaches and aspects

p. 94 Simonov P. V. : An interdisciplinary conception of man: need-information approach
p. 100 Radzikhovsky L. A. : The theory of Freud: the change of attitude

Experimental research
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In other countries
p. 134 Tsaryov V. Ye. , Kuzmitchova I. A. : Educational psychological principles of personality development in the theory of C. Allred
p. 142 Orlov A. B. : The prospects of humanistic teaching
p. 146 : Brief book reviews (in Russian)

Critical review and bibliography
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Events in science
p. 172 : To the 60th anniversary of N. I. Chuprikova (in Russian)
p. 173 Margoulis Ye. D. : Theory and practice of the use of computers in the process of education (in Russian)
p. 175 Yourtaikin V. V. : Psycholinguistic foundations of the speech ontogenesis (in Russian)
p. 177 Ageyev V. S. , Tolmasova A. K. : Readers of "Voprosy psichologii" answer the questionnaire (in Russian)
p. 182 : The VI All-union Congress of psychologists (in Russian)
p. 183 : Out of editorial mail (in Russian)
p. 184 : Index of articles published in "Voprosy psikhologii" in 1988 (in Russian)
p. 189 : Summaries
p. 192 : Our authors (in Russian)