1983'2, p.51
Kudryavtsev T. V. , Shegurova V. Yu.
Theoretical-experimental analysis of the dynamics of professional self-determination of personality

Some issues in the problem of professional development of personality are discussed, as well as possible ways of dealing with them which are being elaborated in Soviet psychology. It is underlined that professional self-determination of personality is an important element of professional development. In an attempt to establish dynamic characteristics of the latter which are determined - on the one hand - by changes in perception of oneself as a subject of professional activity, and - on the other hand - by changes in subjective criteria of such perception, the authors analyze different dynamical factors which may be influential at different stages of professional development. Results of an experimental study of success in professional self-determination of students of vocational-training schools in connection with psychological preparedness of them for work - are presented. Basic conflicts which constitute the moving forces of the process of development in a person of attitudes to oneself as a professional are discussed.