1994'6, p.87
Yaroshevsky M. G.
Sechenov's innovation: Historical fact or "stalinist fiction"? (An answer to American sovetologist D. Joravsky)

D. Joravsky in his book "Russian Psychology" offers inadequate estimation of I. M. Sechenov's ideas, denying him the role of an innovator. Contrary to Joravsky's statements, Sechenov's concept includes radical transformation of the two categories - reflex and psyche - and does not argue the spreading of reflex principle on brain activity or interpret psyche as a main part of reflex. Sechenov shows that any mental act is of reflex type - it necessary includes sygnal connection of an organism to its environment and muscle reaction. Inner mental plan of behavior is transformed into outer one (interiorization principle). D. Joravsky ignores Sechenov's role as an author of the first in the history of psychology programme of objective psychology, as well as his influence on I. P. Pavlov, V. M. Bekhterev and other initiators of modem behavioristical science (the priority belongs to Russian scientists). D. Joravsky is mistaken in his wiews on social roots of Sechenov's ideas and their function in Russian culture.