Psychology and humanitarian issues + Scientific life (information on congresses, symposiums, conferences, etc.)

Abulkhanova-Slavskaya K. A. , Kasiulis Yu. S. : Psychological aspects of lining style of Soviet and Finnish youth (in Russian) 85'4 p.184
Shchedrina E. V. : Goals of psychology in the restructuring period (in Russian) 88'3 p.180
Shchedrina E. V. : Moscow psychologists' meeting with "Memorial" society (in Russian) 89'3 p.183
Bratchenko S. L. : Psychologists and dialogue (in Russian) 91'2 p.179
Shchedrina E. V. : On society humanization problem (in Russian) 91'4 p.181
Putlyaeva L. V. : International conference on "Living Ethics" (in Russian) 94'2 p.152
: On the meaning of life (round-table talk) (in Russian) 95'4 p.147
: Psychological aspects of life sense (in Russian) 96'4 p.151
: Creativeness and culture: Talent development in art and culture (in Russian) 97'2 p.140
: The life's sense and acme problems (in Russian) 01'4 p.139
: Scientific conference "Tolerance - the norm of life in the world of differences" (in Russian) 02'1 p.132
: Psychological aspects of life meaning and acme (in Russian) 02'4 p.145
Martsinkovskaya T. D. : A "round table" on the problem of tolerance (in Russian) 03'1 p.150
Vaizer G. A. : Psychological aspects of the meaning of life (in Russian) 03'4 p.146
Klimov E. A. : Psychology in the XXI century (in Russian) 03'5 p.135
Vaizer G. A. : X Symposium "Life sense and acme: 10 years of research" (in Russian) 04'4 p.143
Sapogova E. E. : The conference "A developing person in the cultural environment: A humanitarian psychology" (in Russian) 04'6 p.140
Shchur V. G. : An all-Russian conference on humanitarian problems in psychology (in Russian) 05'6 p.137