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The format of published materials.

The journal Voprosy Psychologii publishes original theoretical and experimental works in the field of the general, educational and pedagogical psychology, as well as reviews of the Russian and foreign researches.

The texts may be directed to the editorial office via Internet: vp1955@list.ru. The volume of the manuscript, including the list of the quoted literature, should not exceed 32 thousand signs (including blanks).

The resume (no more than 800 signs) and data on the author (a surname, a name and a patronymic, the house post address with an index, e-mail, a specialty, a scientific degree, an academic status, a place of work and a post) must be enclosed as well. The literature quoted in clause (the author, the name, a place, publishing house and year of the edition) is resulted in alphabetic order in the form of the list in the end of the paper. The literature in foreign languages is given after the Russian. In the text the reference to a source is done by the instruction (in square brackets) a serial number of the quoted book or the paper, quoted pages - through a semicolon.

The texts, sent to authors completion and not returned to the editorial office to the designated term, are excluded from a portfolio.

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 Higher mental functions

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