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of editions of the journal “VOPROSY PSYCHOLOGII”

CDs “Voprosy Psychologii”, collected issues of the journal for twenty-year periods.

The CD is a full electronic version of the issues of the journal published from 1986 to 2005. The majority of the articles are supplemented with summaries in English. The information collected on the disc is classified into subject divisions. A special search system (also operational in English) allows quick finding of necessary material in the Journal’s divisions, subdivisions, key terms and authors’ names. Authors’ quotation indices are added as a supplement.

Psychology of the Family. A collection of articles. Compiled by T.P.Gavrilova. – 165p. (Voprosy Psychologii Collection).

Collected articles on psychology of the family, arranged in the order of their publication in the journal “Voprosy Psychologii”, illustrate emergence of interest towards studying the family on the part of researchers working in different fields of psychology. The digest includes reviews by foreign authors discussing certain aspects of family functioning, as well as materials on methods of studying the family.

The collection is addressed to psychologists, researchers and therapists, students of psychology. It can be used as a textbook for a course on psychology of the family. At the same time the book is addressed to a wide circle of readers taking interest in psychological problems.

Psychology of Personality. A collection of articles. Compiled by A.B.Orlov. 2nd edition, amplified. - 223p.

The collection includes the best articles on psychology of personality published in the journal “Voprosy Psychologii”. The articles explain the nature, the structure, components, phenomena and stages of the development of personality.

The publication is useful for both psychologists and educationalists, it can be used as a textbook for a course on personality. At the same time it is addressed to anyone interested in problems of personality.

V.V. Semionov, B.I. Kochubei, M.S. Egorova, N.M. Zyrianova, S.D. Piankov. Psychological Notes on Twins. – M., 2003. – 104p. (Voprosy Psychologii Collection).

The book is a first attempt at a systemic presentation of psychological specificity of twins, peculiarities of their development and upbringing.

The book is based on longitudinal observation, investigation and counseling of pairs of twins. It may be of considerable help to those raising twins. The authors describe problems of parents of twins, give practical recommendations and advice on how those difficulties can be overcome. The book is addressed not only to twins and their parents, but also to a wide circle of professionals – teachers, psychologists, medics who have to deal with twins professionally.

B.G.Meshcheryakov. Human Memory: effects and phenomena. – M., 2004. - 96p. (Voprosy Psychologii Collection).

The course book contains a wide range of ingeniously arranged materials of a course on psychology of memory, explaining fundamental laws discovered in the course of psychological studies of human memory. Special attention is given to mnemonic effects discovered by P.I. Zinchenko in his classic studies. Experimental findings are described within the context of the logic of the experiments, which helps deeper understanding of theoretical approaches to psychology of memory, such as the activity approach developed by national psychologists.

The supplement contains two new questionnaires for diagnosing memory.

The book is addressed to a wide range of psychologists, teachers, philosophers, specialists in cognitive and neurological sciences, in different fields of computer design.

Psychological Counseling and Therapy. A collection of articles. Compiled by A.B.Orlov. – M., 2004. - 216p.

This is a first collection of articles by such authors as Yu.B.Gippenreiter, T. Greening, A.F.Kopiev, A.Langle, C.Rodgers, Ye.T.Sokolova and other national and international experts on therapy and counselling. This unique collection of articles published in Voprosy Psychologii in the last decade and a half covers a wide range of scientific conceptions of the nature, components, mechanisms and phenomena of psychological counseling.

The book can be used as a textbook on counseling and therapy. It is addressed not only to specialists and students of psychology, but also to a wide range of readers interested in problems of modern therapy and counseling.

CDs “Medicines out of plants”.

The encyclopedia “Medicines out of plants” represents the information system including significant volume of the information on plants, ways of gathering, storage, preparation and use of medicines out of plants, supplied by a search engine.


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