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The journal was set up in 1955 by the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, RSFSR (now Russian Academy of Education) to remain the only scientific periodical psychological publication here up to 1977.

The number of its subscribers compared with other periodicals in psychology is the largest.

In July, 2000 " Voprosy Psychologii " won " the most popular (readable) psychology publication in Russia " nomination at the " The Century National Results " contest held by " Psychologicheskaya Gazeta ".
The journal's main task is to acquaint readers with the latest developments in both national and foreign psychological sciences.

Our basic papers present modern studies carried out in different realms of psychological sciences; they also discuss various theoretical and practical problems, psychological techniques to solve pragmatic tasks. This makes wide practice absorb psychological knowledge.

The journal's editorial board had always leading Russian psychologists.
The very first editorial staff in which decisive part belonged to A.A.Smirnov, A.N.Leontyev, S.L.Rubistein and B.M.Teplov had set a high scientific standard of material presentation for many a year to come with the journal personnel trying to follow it so far.

Within the 45 years of journal's life the chief editors were A.A.Smirnov (1955-1958, 1967-1980), B.M.Teplov (1958-1965), A.M.Matiushkin (1981-1993), E.V.Shchedrina (starting in 1993).

The journal's life was traditionally related to the Psychological Institute of Russian Academy of Education, within its precincts the editorial staff has been working since the publishing foundation. Today the chairman of the journal editorial board is the Institute director, V.V.Rubtsov.

" Voprosy Psychologii " took the lead in discussing scientific issues thought over by famous psychologists of the country.

The journal pages covered scientific debates roused psychological public including the subject matter of psychology, psychological-pedagogical points of teaching six-year olds, how to reconstruct psychological sciences. In recent years the journal turned to talk out such topics as psychology-pedagogy link, higher school psychology, psychological service in general and at school especially, the XXI century psychology, etc.

The journal is primarily aimed at professional psychologists. The journal publishes theoretical, empirical, scientific-practical materials in psychology. Most papers are meant to solve teaching and bringing up problems of rising generation - from preschoolers to undergraduates. The journal stuff making the education psychologically oriented and above all developing psychological service at school for applying psychological knowledge to teaching and bringing up has an immediate target -- functionaries of the People's Education system.

The general reader interested in psychology will find the psychological stuff to apply to the analysis of modern society growth problems, to prove in terms of psychology humanistic approach to the human being, well, just to use the knowledge in everyday life.

The main journal rubrics had been formed from its very first edition.

Later the rubrics " Theoretical Study ", " Discussions ", " Critical Review and Bibliography ", " In Other Countries ", " Experimental Methods and Apparatus ", " Scientific Events " were added to with " Developmental and Pedagogical Psychology ", " Psychology and Practice ", " Psychological Counseling ", " Thematic Reports ", " Experimental Research ", " Psychology in High School ", " Editorial Mail ", " From Work Experience ".

The journal editorial board tends to have a worthy coverage of the home copious psychological thought for readers to look at " Voprosy Psychologii " as a reliable source in psychological science history, in that of Russian above all. This explains why the number of publications in rubrics " History of Psychology " and " Memorable Dates " has been enlarged.

The editorial board tries that the journal might not be only the Russian edition. Contributors from former Soviet republics are a great support for common information space in post-soviet states.

The editorial creative group does what it can for scientific-psychological novelty with deep presentation traditions and discussion standards to attract our readers for ever and a day.

The journal comes out 6 times a year. At present each issue size is 12 printer's sheets.

Editorial board:

E.V.Shchedrina (chief editor), A.G.Asmolov, B.S.Bratus, A.I.Dontsov, D.I. Feldstein, V.P.Zinchenko, T.D. Martsinkovskaya, N.N.Nechaev, A.B.Orlov, N.I. Chouprikova, A.V. Yurevich

Editorial council

V.V.Rubtsov (chairman), A.V. Alexandrova, G.M.Andreyeva, A.G.Asmolov, B.S.Bratus, A.I.Dontsov, I.A.Zimnyaya, V.P.Zinchenko (deputy chairman), E.A.Klimov, O.A.Konopkin, T.D. Martsinkovskaya, V.S.Mukhina, N.N.Nechaev, A.B.Orlov, V.I.Slobodchikov, S.D.Smirnov (deputy chairman), E.O.Smirnova, V.S.Sobkin, D.A.Farber, D.I. Feldstein, N.I. Chouprikova, V.D.Shadrikov, E.V.Shchedrina, V.G. Shchur, B.D.Elkonin, A.V. Yurevich

Development of the disk:

L.A. Hasin (director), E.V. Shchedrina (chief editor), M.Y. Tushev (web-design)

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 Pedagogical psychology

 Social psychology



 Higher mental functions

  of pre-schoolchildren

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