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Methogology and theory



Asmolov A.G., Sorokina S.S. Cultural practices of constructive and destructive diversity maintenance in complex systems


Znakov V.V. Theoretical foundations of Western post-truth and Russian lying


Apressyan R.G. A conception of socio-emotional instruction and objectives of moral education



Developmental and pedagogical psychology



Almazova O.V., Belolutskaya A.K., Bukhalenkova D.A., Veraxa A.N., Gavrilova M.N. Educational environment and emotional development in preschool children


Vizgina A.V., Jerelievskaya M.A. Links between the world image of Baku adolescents and the type of family interaction


Morosanova V.I., Filippova E.V. What ensures reliability of a students actions in an examination


Chizhov E.D., Alexeyev K.I. Notions of death and suicidal behavior in Internet communities of young people



Thematic reports



Leontiev D.A., Shilmanskaya A.E. Personal life position: making theoretical notions operational


Zavershneva E.Yu. Psychosis, language and freedom of behavior


Rasskazova E.I., Tkhostov A.Sh., Kovyazina M.S., Varako N.A. Effectiveness of the psychological block of complex rehabilitation and prevention programs


Medvedeva T.I., Enikolopov S.N., Vorontsova O.U., Kazmina O.U. Gender differences in making moral decisions


slenkova .I., iumeneva U.., Movchan E.V. Development and empirical testing of a theoretical model of productive analogy


Shirobokov I.G. The problem of the control group in dermatoglyfics



History of psychology



Ivannikov V.A. Specificity of the notion of personality in Soviet psychology




Brief book reviews



Towards the anniversary of A.B. Leonova



Calendar of conferences






 Psychology in general

 Pedagogical psychology

 Social psychology



 Higher mental functions

  of pre-schoolchildren

  of schoolchildren

 Psychology of training

  of the individual

 Psychology and practice



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