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of #1 2021





Methogology and theory



Znakov V.V. Understanding the Unthinkable


Kubarev V.S. To basic programs of cultural-activity psychology: activity metodology and metodology of consciousness



Psychology and society



Balanovskiy V.V. From personality development to the social evolution: C.G. Jung and N.O. Lossky on the prospects of humankind



Developmental and pedagogical psychology



Granik G.G., Borisenko N.A., Mironova K.V., Shishkova S.V. The functioning of adolescents’ imagination in reading paper and E-texts


Alekseeva O.S., Rzhanova I.E., Britova V.S., Nikolaeva A.Yu., Burdukova Yu.A. Diagnosis of fluid intelligence and its relationship to other cognitive abilities in junior school age


Stepanov S.Yu., Ryabova I.V., Gavrilova E.V. The impact of the digital environment and additional education on the intellectual and creative abilities of schoolchildren



Thematic reports



Sergienko E.A., Khlevnaya E.A., Kiseleva T.S., Nikitina A.Ŕ., Osipenko E.I. The role of emotional intelligence in psychological well-being and coping with stress


Gorbatov D.S., Baichik A.V. Socio-psychological conceptualization of phenomenon of internet memes


Tendryakova M.V. “Mythological” thinking and thinking of a child: crossing parallels



History of psychology



Guseltseva M.S. S.L. Rubinstein and the neo-Kantian school of thought



Scientific reviews



Velichkovsky B.B. New oculomotor methods for assessing cognitive load






Pankratova A.A., Kornienko D.S., Fetisova A.V. Russian adaptation of the TEIQue-SF (Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire – Short Form) by K. Petrides and A. Furnham


Kislyakov P.A., Shmeleva Ĺ.Ŕ. The development of the “Mechanisms of regulation of pro-social behavior of adults” questionnaire


Yakushin A.A., Leonov S.V., Peshin N.L., Aslanova M.S. Primary approbation of “Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale-2-SMPS – 2” on Russian sample



G.G. Granik (Necro)


N.N. Poddiakov (Necro)


A.A. Verbitsky (Necro)






 Psychology in general

 Pedagogical psychology

 Social psychology



 Higher mental functions

  of pre-schoolchildren

  of schoolchildren

 Psychology of training

  of the individual

 Psychology and practice



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