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Methogology and theory



Velichkovsky B.M., Knyazev G.G., Valueva E.A., Ushakov D.V. New approaches in studies of creative thinking: From phenomenology of insight to objective methods and neuronetwork models


Krivtsova S.V., Shapkina A.N., Malygina M.P. School bullying: Clarifying concepts



Psychology and society



Nestik T.A., Dmitrieva U.A., Kuznetsova O.E., Larina G.N., Nikolaev E.L. The responsibility of the individual to the previous and future generations: A theoretical and empirical study


Guldan V.V., Sukhotin A.A., Sushkova E.Yu., Tokareva G.M. The problem of inducing a negative attitude of the child to one of the parents in litigation



Developmental and pedagogical psychology



Akimova M.K., Galstyan O.A. Typology of youth social activity depending on the adoption of moral standards


Morosanova V.I., Fomina T.G. Conscious self-regulation of educational activity as a resource of subjective well-being of schoolchildren under changing conditions of education



Thematic reports



Dontsov A.I., Zelenev I.A., Prokhoda V.A. Macro-social dynamics and ethnic tolerance/intolerance in contemporary Europe and Russia


Bityutskaya E.V., Bazarov T.Yu. Features of perception of life events by people with different preferred styles of response to changes


Nikolskaya A.V., Kostrigin A.A. Pets influence on their owners psychological wellfare



Memorable dates



Stepanova M.A. Psychological foundations of educational practice in S. L. Rubinsteins theory



History of psychology



Zavershneva E.Yu., van der Veer R. On experimental studies of egocentric and inner speech conducted by the scientific group of L.S. Vygotsky


Gorbatov D.S. The problems of plagiarism and research priority in the studies of the crowd at the end of XIX century



Scientific reviews



Menshikova G.Ya., Lunyakova E.G., Gani-zade D.S. Analytic and holistic processes in face perception: Models and re-search methods



Scientific events






 Psychology in general

 Pedagogical psychology

 Social psychology



 Higher mental functions

  of pre-schoolchildren

  of schoolchildren

 Psychology of training

  of the individual

 Psychology and practice



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