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Methogology and theory



Yanshin P.V. Objective implicit measurement procedures: species features, advantages, mechanisms, application areas


Korsakova N.K., Balashova E.Yu. Neuropsychology of memory as an educational discipline: creating a discourse



Developmental and pedagogical psychology



Mironova K.V., Borisenko N.A., Shishkova S.V. Age dynamics of text comprehension in adolescents aged 11–16 in the process of semantic reading from screen and from paper



Thematic reports



Pugachevsky O.O. Deficiencies in psychological competence in professional and pedagogical sphere


Kozhenevskaya E.Yu. Marital and sibling relationships in families rasing a child with speñial needs of psychophysical development


Titova O.I., Poznyakov V.P. Empirical development of gender personality type



Scientific reviews



Sukhikh V., Veraksa N.Å., Gavrilova M.N. Which toys do preschoolers need? Empirical evidence and theoretical basis for the toys’ developmental potential evaluation



Experimental research



Nourkova V.V., Wu Sh., Korneev A.A. Hedonic potential of negative memories: The impact of cognitive strategies and a plot






Fedyanin D.N. Workshop on reasoning: the game “Gifts” for reflexive reasoning with non-transitive interaction of participants


Kislyakov P.A., Belov M.S., Silaeva O.A. Primary approbation of the method “Attitudes to Moral Decision-making Young Sport Questionnaire” on a Russian sample of athletes



In other countries



Nikolaeva E.I., Dydenkova E.A. Epigenetic features of children with different institutionalization






 Psychology in general

 Pedagogical psychology

 Social psychology



 Higher mental functions

  of pre-schoolchildren

  of schoolchildren

 Psychology of training

  of the individual

 Psychology and practice



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