1983'4, p.5
Bodalev A. A.
Urgent issues in developmental and educational psychology

The state of affairs in Soviet developmental and educational psychology has been reviewed at the VI Congress of the USSR Society of psychologists with particular interest to its practical role in development of the new man and in organization of his life in accordance with the principles of Communist morality. Among the most urgent the following issues have been mentioned. More attention should be given to the problem of age-long division into periods of the process of psychological development. The study of personality based on research of laws and mechanisms of such complicated psychological structures as values, needs, and interests, abilities and dispositions, character, etc., must be intensified. Psychologists should take more active part in development of psychological bases of educational work, in increasing efficiency of teaching and educational practices. To achieve these aims professional efforts of psychologists must be better coordinated, and provided with mechanisms of immediate check-up of their applicability (one such mechanism is the system of psychological consultation which is being developed recently on a widening scale).