1994'3, p.27
Yaroshevsky M. G.
From animal magnetism to ohlotelesuggestion

The analysis of hypnosis and suggestion usage (beginning from mesmerism) for healing as compared to physical and physiological factors is presented. There is some likeness between the notions of "animal magnetism" and "bio-field" or "bio-emanation". It is underlined that in Freud's hypnotic manipulations the "physitian - patient" relation was not diadical and "small group" was represented in it due to transfer. In Le Bon's works suggestion was dependent on the characteristics of such a "big group" as croud. The break-up of paternalism in modem Russia is connected to the increase of psychosomatic cases and it results in the increase of popularity of telehypnosis and telesuggestion seances. This specific phenomenon can be named "ohlotelesuggestion". The croud (ohios) represented by teleaudience has no structure and is heterogenous. The active factor is represented by "telepersona", possessing social authority and influencing every individual construing the croud. It is stated that ohiotelesuggestion was used during last election in Russia by one of reactionary politicians - V. Zhirinovsky.