1984'1, p.41
Eidlin V. I.
Development of the ability to perceive a piece of art as a whole

A formative experiment has been performed in order to reveal psychological factors deter-mining the process and the result of perception of a literary work in 4-th year schoolchildren. Correct perception is achieved through separation of primary "cells", or, in other words, of final units of the work which adequately reflect its artistic content. As a result of separation of such units and of combining them with corresponding pieces of the work there take place organization, grouping, and interenrichment of particular pieces and elements which, if inadequately perceived, would be comprehended separately, one after another, in a linear succession, i. e. as they follow each other in the text. Since the initial cells are invariant in different works of art they may be used as a basis for development of the independent ability to perceive the art. The data presented can be applied for improvement of teaching literature at school.