Scientific life (information on congresses, symposiums, conferences, etc.) + Concepts and schools in the psychology science

Umrihin V. V. : Meeting dedicated to B. M. Teplov's 90-th anniversary (in Russian) 87'1 p.180
Talyzina N. F. : The first International Congress dedicated to the theory of activity (in Russian) 87'2 p.182
Kolominsky Ya. L. , Zhiznevsky B. P. , Tsyrkoun N. A. : L. S. Vygotsky's ideas in present-day psychological-pedagogical science and practice (in Russian) 87'4 p.177
Leontiev D. A. , Stetsenko A. P. , Eidman E. V. : Scientific heritage of L. S. Vygotsky and world psychology (in Russian) 89'2 p.171
Tsukerman G. A. : Common humanism (in Russian) 90'6 p.172
Bratchenko S. L. : A new meeting with humanistic psychology (in Russian) 92'1 p.178
Shchur V. C. : The first Soviet-American conference on humanistic psychology (in Russian) 92'1 p.179
: Murmansk regional division of Humanistic psychology association (in Russian) 92'1 p.180
Shimelevich L. G. : R. Dreycurce Institute session (in Russian) 92'1 p.182
Shchedrina E. V. : Russian-trench conference on psychoanalysis (in Russian) 92'3 p.58
Shchur V. G. : International conference on humanistic psychology (in Russian) 92'5 p.55
Malykh S. B. : International congress on activity theory (in Russian) 95'6 p.138
Kolpachnikov V. V. , Kocharyan A. S. , Demidov S. R. : Humanistic psychology forum (in Russian) 95'6 p.144
: Conference on existentional-humanistic approach in psychotherapy (in Russian) 97'3 p.147
: 40 years of El'konin - Davydov's theory of developing education (in Russian) 00'1 p.151
: To the centenary of the first publication of Z. Freud's book "Die Traumdeutung" (in Russian) 00'1 p.154
: Museum of Z. Freud's dreams (in Russian) 00'1 p.155
: Conference on existential psychology (in Russian) 01'3 p.143
: Annual conference of the Association for Development of the Person-centered Approach (in Russian) 01'5 p.146
: International scientific-practical and educational conference on psychodrama and sociometry (in Russian) 01'6 p.135
: The Second readings in memory of L. S. Vygotsky (in Russian) 02'1 p.136
: Problems and perspectives of the El'konin-Davydov's system (in Russian) 02'1 p.141
: Conference on clinical psychology in memory of B. V. Zeygarnik (in Russian) 02'1 p.147
: P. Ya. Galperin and psychology of XXI century (International Conference to the 100 anniversary of P. Ya. Galperin) (in Russian) 02'3 p.152
Stepanova M. A. : P. Ya. Galperin's theory through the eyes of psychologists of the XXI century (in Russian) 03'1 p.136
Leontiev D. A. , Yatsuta-Baronskaya E. I. : The first International conference on positive psychology (in Russian) 03'1 p.141
Pasechnik I. , Leontieva A. , Radkovskaya A. , Semenova N. : A psychological school dedicated to the 100th anniversary of A. N. Leontiev (in Russian) 03'2 p.145
Sokolova E. E. , Falikman M. V. : An international conference devoted to the centenary of A. N. Leontiev (in Russian) 03'4 p.150
Bugrimenko E. A. : V Elkonin's Jubilee discussions (in Russian) 04'3 p.111
Maracha V. G. , Tyukov A. A. : Discussions in memory of G. P. Shchedrovitsky (in Russian) 04'3 p.117
Sapogova E. E. : II Conference on existential psychology (in Russian) 04'4 p.141
Vaizer G. A. : X Symposium "Life sense and acme: 10 years of research" (in Russian) 04'4 p.143
Rubtsov V. V. , Korepanova I. A. : International congress on activity theory and cultural-historic psychology (in Russian) 05'6 p.134
Kolpachnikov V. V. : Application of the man-centered approach in organizations (in Russian) 05'6 p.142