Personalia (analysis of proceeding of the scientists, commemorative publications) + Scientific life (information on congresses, symposiums, conferences, etc.)

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: International conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of J. Piaget (in Russian) 96'6 p.132
: Conference on L. S. Vygotsky's anniversary (in Russian) 97'2 p.144
: International conference dedicated to D. A. Oshanin memory (in Russian) 97'4 p.152
: G. G. Shpet's creative inheritance: Round-table talk (in Russian) 97'5 p.154
: I International conference dedicated to A. R. Luria's memory (in Russian) 97'6 p.135
: L. I. Bozhovich and contemporary psychology of development (in Russian) 99'2 p.120
: M. I. Lisina and modern child psychology (in Russian) 99'4 p.112
: 40 years of El'konin - Davydov's theory of developing education (in Russian) 00'1 p.151
: To the centenary of the first publication of Z. Freud's book "Die Traumdeutung" (in Russian) 00'1 p.154
: Museum of Z. Freud's dreams (in Russian) 00'1 p.155
: Readings commemorating L. S. Vygotsky (in Russian) 01'2 p.143
: G. I. Chelpanov and practical psychology of modern education (in Russian) 01'3 p.127
: The Second readings in memory of L. S. Vygotsky (in Russian) 02'1 p.136
: Conference on clinical psychology in memory of B. V. Zeygarnik (in Russian) 02'1 p.147
: Readings in memory of D. B. Elkonin. Session IV (in Russian) 02'2 p.137
: P. Ya. Galperin and psychology of XXI century (International Conference to the 100 anniversary of P. Ya. Galperin) (in Russian) 02'3 p.152
: From the present age to the past: a jubilee Chelpanov conference (in Russian) 02'4 p.141
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Sokolova E. E. , Falikman M. V. : An international conference devoted to the centenary of A. N. Leontiev (in Russian) 03'4 p.150
Spiridonov V. F. : VI Discussions in memory of L. S. Vygotsky (in Russian) 04'1 p.156
Volkova N. V. : A Conference in memory of Yu. B. Nekrasova (in Russian) 04'6 p.142
Kolpakova M. U. : A seminar in memory of T. A. Florenskaya (in Russian) 05'1 p.147
Rusakov A. V. : XV Seminar in memory of G. P. Shchedrovitsky (in Russian) 05'3 p.148
Bozhovich E. D. : A jubilee conference on N. A. Menchinskaya's scientific heritage (in Russian) 05'5 p.148